A funny question: does your Chanel fits a small umbrella?

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  1. I carry a large Boy on the daily and it fits my 9''4/24 cm umbrella perfectly and I am also currently considering a 226 reissue to add to my collection and I totally consider that one cause it also fits my umbrella LOL

    So pretty much I just live in a crazy climate city and am wondering does your Chanel fit a small umbrella? What's the style? Thanks :P
  2. 226 is able to fit umbrella.
  3. I like your question really! I guess we all live in a wet weather place where rain is just so unpredictable! I miss living in Dubai where all I need is a pair of Sunnies n do not hv to worry about my shoes n bags getting wet in unexpected rain! What a spoiler isn't it!

    Back to your question ..
    I wudnt put a brolly in my "shoulder chain" Chanel bags.
    So, no brolly in Classic flaps / reissue etc..

    If I really need a bag that fits the umbrella.. I'll probably upsize the bag to a Deauville or maybe.. a top handle eg.. small medium Coco Handle or medium large business affinity etc..
  4. I have a reissue 227 and it fits an umbrella, a pair of sunglasses, and a cardigan. Love it!
  5. Actually, my reissue 225 + m/l classic flap both fit my small umbrella also! And sunglasses! Was surprised by the amount they fit.
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  6. Target sells those super compact umbrellas that fit in purses. I have one and it seriously fits in so many small bags.
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  7. I've always thought about putting an umbrella in my purse, because visually it looks like it'll fit, but I didn't want to weigh the purse down. Good to know small umbrellas actually fit in the M/L flaps!
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  8. Ooh the small umbrella I have is really extremely light! I took a look on Amazon and similar styles are all around 7 oz, which is almost the same as an iphone! So this is isn't something to worry about at all! :biggrin: I would rather have my bag nice and protected from the rain tha not bring an umbrella and risk it getting sopping wet. (On these occasions, I'm guilty of covering my bag with whatever outerwear I have on me) :biggrin:
  9. I don't bring my Chanels out in the rain, so I don' t know for sure. From what I can tell visually, the 227 reissue will fit an umbrella. My small classic...probably not, I'm guessing.
  10. I have a tiny 6in super slim umbrella, it fits in my Jumbo CF and small coco handle with space to spare. Of course it fits in my Maxi blizzard zip tote, but not at all in my extra mini (especially with that stupid center divider). It doesn’t fit in my medium CF either, the medium really isn’t a very practical size for me, I live in a place with crazy weather as well, so I almost always carry an umbrella unless i’m cabbing everywhere and arriving at places with a awning by the road.
  11. A small umbrella fits in the Jumbo with space for other things. I did this many times and never had any problems.
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