A Fun Way to Display Your Bracelets

  1. I bought a pair of candle sticks at an antique store and hang my bracelets on them. Looks cute and ads color. Thought I'd pass the idea on...
  2. Ooops here are the pictures.
    IMG_0607.jpg IMG_0608.jpg
  3. That's a fantastic idea, 2much!!!! Looks great!!!!
  4. Now that's cute.
  5. Very cute solution. Now I just need a few more bracelets, lol
  6. Love it! Gonna go dig out the old silver candlesticks now.....
  7. This looks great, I love your bracelets :love:
  8. Very chic! Very stylish... love that idea...
  9. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing it with us. I also adore your bracelets--especially the blue Faivre Alphabet one at the bottom. I need to go add that bracelet to the "On the Hunt" thread right away.
  10. neato!!! i have the horses one, but in pink with GH! btw: i love ur marble countertop. so chic....
  11. What a novel idea! Love it!
  12. Great idea; love the look.
  13. That is such a fantastic idea....!!! They look so pretty 2ML!

    If your candlestick gets too full, you can send the bracelet that's second from the bottom to ME, and I will display it here for you. :graucho: :graucho:


    As a favor, of course. Because I care.
    Also it will look very nice with the scarf I havent found yet.
    I will display them together, just to help you out.

    I am here to help.

    But seriously, thanks for sharing, its a great idea and it is a lovely collection!
  14. Nice of you to share
  15. Love it! Very creative :smile: :heart: