a fun little lv exerscise

  1. how much have you spent in total (roughly) at lv lets calculate our entire collection, as a group and see how much we have spent thier, who bets its over 10 000 000? lol ill start my wallet and ipod case togetther was almost $900 (AU) so that would be about $700 USD
  2. Oh. This is not good! It's reminding me of how hard I worked to make my LV collection...and how I lost it all!

    Ok I had 7 LV bags, 3 wallets and one pochette, one LV suitcase. Mmm...the more I write the more I remember! (I have 3 of these left and 2 wallets). Thats 6 years of working my butt off! I als had a lurvely swimsuit and matching flip flop and 2 pair of ballerinas.
    I don't know how much I spent (no offense- I find it vulgar to say so myself). But I know I spent 6 years working hard and taking other peoples bull to accumulate the cash to fund my obsession. (I did not include the fendi's and the gucci's, the chloe python...ahhh...the python silverado!)

    OK. I'll stop now. Time to work harder and make more moonies to buy more bags. No point in whinging.
  3. lol i like your attitude, sorry to bring up all the heartache! how did u loose your beloved collection?
  4. I'm such an idiot! I assume everyone knows about mystory! I got so many lovely replies to my thread that I keep forgetting that there are people that havent read it yet!

    I'm sorry. (and I have to point out to the other that have already read it; im not milking it. Please don't think that. It's just that i'm suffering and I hate to go on and on to my boyf about it even though he's so understanding.)

    The thread is here. Sorry it's so long; but this is why I lost my beloved collection. And so much more.
  5. omg thats so horrorable, how could anybody be that heartless!!! has anything happened or "turned up" since? i can belive anyone would stoop to that level, didnt you also have a roommate did she notice anything? i personally think (as this is what i would most likely do) confront her in person about it, explain about your sentimental gifts and more expencive ones, maybee you can reach a decision even if its not in your favour at least you wil lhave your stuff back, if she continues to dismiss/refuse to addmitt it then tell her karma will get her in the future "what goes around comes around" and put her on a guilt trip, for hopefully the rest of her life then stop all contact with her and if she ever asks in future say there were trust problems and you only surround yourself with positive,honest people
  6. I keep a table in Word of everything I have bought and sold and how much I have spent. This helps me price things when I get ready to sell them. I'm not sure I should post the number here though! ;)
  7. is that a privacy/personal reason or is it that large lol? its your choice no pressure, i wont hate you over it, is till love you lol
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  9. You should have called the police.
  10. LOL yeah, I ain't going there. :shame:
  11. I only have one...the BV...$775.00 ($829.00 with tax).
  12. I have spent roughly $1600 USD
  13. My collection is pretty extensive. And I haven't even started my luggage collection yet.
  14. ~$20,000.00 Canadian :wacko: I *think* in 10 years.
  15. This is not a good thread, I have been trying not to think about it , ha ha ! Just bought the Koala wallet in white MC yesterday !