A Friendship Reveal

Apr 1, 2014
I havent done a reveal in awhile. This latest purchase was a really fun one because a really good friend of mine and I were both on the phone at the same time with two different LVs to purchase this same bag as an anniversary present from our DHs. We both had it overnighted for free courtesy of our generous SAs. 20170322_103538.jpg We have been friends for over two decades and although we have been seperated geographically on different coasts we still remain in contact every day chatting about bags, shopping and sometimes just life. If she is reading this, i hope she knows that she has been such a wonderful part of my life and sometimes is the reason I stay sane.

Anyways....here is the instant reveal. I scanned every millimeter of this baby to make sure there are no flaws. Perfect. I hope you guys enjoy the pics and dont hesitate to ask any questions!
20170322_104100.jpg 20170322_104231.jpg 20170322_104200.jpg 20170322_104450.jpg
Jul 9, 2015
The empreinte PM in noir is absolutely stunning[emoji7] More importantly, congratulations on your anniversary as well as your new bag, it is beyond beautiful! I can't wait to see more pictures and comparisons to the mono version, the noir is definitely on my list now.
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