A friend's speedy needs repair...

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  1. Hi,
    do you think that at LV they be able to repair this hole? My friend fears it will get bigger and bigger... Thanks
  2. As far as im aware they dont repair rips or tears in the canvas :shrugs:
  3. Yes I think LV only fixes/replaces the leather parts and hardware but I think once the canvas itself gets damaged, there's no way for them to patch it up, etc.
  4. Oh, this is sad but thanks for your opinions...
  5. What about some super glue over the rip? It's hard to tell in the picture, but it looks like it's right under (or above) the LV.
  6. Yes, I'll suggest to use some glue or something just to avoid the hole getting bigger. Thanks
  7. If she plans to attempt crazy glue, get one with a brush like nail polish so you can control flow.
  8. take it to a store that repair leathers (shoes, bags, chairs, etc), maybe the repairman can suggest something.

    I remember when I went to a shoes repair store to get my heels fixed, I saw a Tivoli lying around in the back room among the shoes. I was like "Why is an LV doing in there??" LOL
  9. Im pretty sure that louis vuitton doesnt repair anything that has chipping or cracking in the canvas :sad: sorry
  10. I don't think they can repair this
  11. Yes, if she doesn't want to go the "crazy glue" route, try a really good shoe repairman. LV won't work on canvas that is cracked or ripped like that...But my repairman was able to do some work on my old Saumur for me.
  12. I had this same issue. LV will not repair any canvas HOWEVER apparently they do have a shop that they recomend to send it to. I can get you details if you like.