A Friend's Heart

  1. Hey Everyone!

    Sorry, I havent updated so long on the Forum. Its been months. I have been so busy. I have been running in between LA and NYC for modeling and film acting/auditions. I am also trying to get to school a bit here and there back home, I want to get into a good college. Gosh, being 15 is not that great! However, I need to get to the point of the story.

    I have this amazing friend. Shes a family friend. She basically came here from Taiwan 6 years ago, not having any knowledge of the English language and basically not knowing who she was, or where she was. She came here to study and to work, to have a good life. Her parents no longer give her money to support her studies in college and her apartment's monthly payment. Shes basically been on her own, by herself, in the USA at age 22. She came over when she was 16.

    She works so hard and diligently. She strives in her academics and manages time to work at our restraunt. Today, she suprised me with a gift. A LV bag. She said she finally had enough money left over after paying everything to buy me a gift, as a way of saying thanks for the friendship my family has given her and her "daily dinners." (We always prepare her dinner every night in this cute little hello kitty lunchbox)

    She got me the Monogram Lockit. So gorgeous. I got it this morning, and teared up. Not of for the existence of the gift, but for the existence of her as a human being in my life. She really is an angel. She helps out family in need, and sometimes even accompanies on my trips to LA when my parents have to work in the restraunt, putting her studies down to fly 7 hours across the country so I can audition.

    So, Im just sharing with you guys this wonderful experience of mine. Im not lucky to have another LV purse, but Im lucky to have such an outstanding friend.

    Ill put up pictures tonight, Im HOME, finally!

    I love you guys!

    :heart: Sophia. 9/29/2007.
  2. that's really quite beautiful I'm sure you will always treasure that bag
  3. aww that is so nice of her. It is so great to hear from you sophia , Im glad that you are well, we have missed you :flowers:
  4. wow such a sweet story. it will be such a priceless bag to you now
  5. Beautiful story! That bag will forever mean something special to you I'm sure!
  6. what a touching story, wear your bag at good health
  7. Congrats on your new bag. How lucky of you to have such a nice friend! That was a great little story.
  8. that was so sweet of her :smile: that is definitely a bag that you will tresure for the rest of your life. its great to have wonderful friends like that.
  9. That is such a lovely story! How sweet of her to do something like that, and for you and and your family to help her out too. Love the Hello Kitty lunch box, she's the best!
  10. Such a sweeeet story! Will forever be a sentimental bag!
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Thank you guys!

    And yes, this bag will forever hold sentimental value.

    I also put up the pictures I just took.
  13. How sweet that she thought of you and how much you love LV. You must mean a lot to her,
  14. You are lucky to have such a sweet friend!
  15. I think if one is lucky enough they will find one or two special friends who will touch your heart and be part of your family and the friendship will last forever. It was a lovely gift your friend gave you but I think it is the gift of love that was attached to the gift that you will carry in your heart. Each time you look/carry the bag you will realize what a special friendship you have and how much you are loved. I wish you the best in your career. It sounds exciting and you are lucky to have your friend be there to share it with you.