A Friendly Reminder To Watermark Or Identify Your Photos...and Here's Why

  1. A wonderful, self-less pf'er let me know that a recent photo that I had posted over on the Bbag forum had been stolen and was being used in an eBay auction. I hadn't been checking eBay and if she hadn't let me know - I would have never known. Anyway the auction is over ( I let them know I was on to them and reporting it!) and I am not going to make a big deal out of it to give this person more fame than they deserve, but there are people apparently who are surfing our beloved forum looking for photos to use. It is a hassle, but watermark your photos, or like another pf'er suggested over at Balenciaga - even take a small piece of paper with an identifying name on it (your user name) and include that while taking the photo. It will just become part of the image and probably not something that they could photoshop out of the picture. I didn't think it would happen to me, but it has. I know they haven't hurt me in anyway, but it is just creepy and still feels like a violation! Just wanted to pass along a caution because as pathetic as this sounds, you are all like family to me! ~ilove2shop (Nadine)