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  1. told me she walked into Tiffany's and a few other designer shops and said she was brushed off by "all" of the S/A's. I wonder if how we base a S/A's treatment of us is based more on our own expectations than anything else. I am starting to think that if we lower our expectations of people we will begin to complain about S/A's less! So lets experiment this week. Lower our expectations and post our experience!
  2. I believe this is true.
    I've wanted to say it in a few threads, but didn't. Obviously, it's not always true, but often I think it is.
    If you're not confident walking into a shop, there's all sorts of body language conveying this.
    Maybe if the customer is unsure of themself, they make less eye contact, keeps their arms folded, etc . . . maybe the SA is just taking their cue, assuimng they don't want to be bothered{?}
    If I do not want to be bothered I do those things.
    I feel this way because I don't dress expensively, nor do I really wear make up, so I may appear "average". At first glance SA's probably assume I'm not making them any money - I guess if they look closer at my jewelry or handbag . . .{?}
    BUT I'm not self conscious walking into ANY boutique and I think that's why I rarely feel mistreated.
  3. i noticed when i look better, make up and well dressed i get a lot more attention then if i didn't. also a nice bag really helps too. but a lot of the time i really don't want to be bothered...
  4. I wonder if it's a regional thing?
    In Texas we're very casual, usually. I mean, there's always the stereotypical Southern women COMPLETELY made up at 10am and ready to shop in heels and Glam hair, but most of us arent't like that.
    I wonder if the SA's here just don't let them be infuenced by that as much ?
  5. just yesterday i was at neimans browsing..and i was leaving the makeup department, i heard a woman complaining to the manager about how no one was willing to help her...i lurked around to hear some of the conversation <----:wacko: and heard the woman say that the SA's would just ignore her if she called their attention, or they would tell her that they didnt work there....its true the woman wasnt screaming money, but she didnt look bad either...i dont know why she was mistreated
    ..it was really close to closing time though, that may have been a reason

    personally, thankfully, i have never been ignored by SA's...but i just hate going into gucci and walking out withought anything because I can feel this one S.A going " i knew she wouldnt buy it..."
  6. when i always go to the DFS galleria to have a look at some stuff the SA are friendly, but at first when i started going... i must say hardly any of them spoke to me or looked at me! it was like "geez whats that hobo doing in here?"

    but now... i only shop at the LV store on the main street and will probably only return to DFS if the Christian Dior Shop gets in a gaucho bag! :amuse:
  7. I feel the same way. I don't expect attention and ask when I want to know something. I do find 99.9% of the time a s/a will ask me if I need assistance. Thats why I started this thread. If we go about our shopping with a different expectation maybe some people will feel differently. I wear a zip sweat shirt, t shirt, jeans, flats, and carry a bag...not always a designer and never have a problem.
  8. honestly, when i'm at work, if you come in with less than a half an hour before close, i'm ignoring you so that you'll go away. unless you come up to me to ask me for something, i'm not starting something with you. SAs have a whole slew of duties besides selling, we don't go home when the doors lock. don't go in to a store 15 minutes before it closes trying to get something accomplished that will take an hour! it's disrespectful to us and our time, so don't expect us to be respectful of you. lol, this is not directed at anyone, just a rant in general that the previous post got me thinking about.

    and i do act and carry myself differently when i go in to a store and need help than when i go in to a store and don't, because i understand the cues that SAs are looking for and i don't want to waste their time if i don't need help. the only time i get mad is when i go in obviously needing or asking for assistance and am still denied it, which rarely happens (but occasionally, because i'm young). i'm pretty forgiving because i do it myself, but there are indeed many bad, rude, unprofessional SAs out there. and i recommend greatly that you report them to managers - take it from a good SA that hates the bad SAs i work with, we really appreciate it when someone points out to our bosses that certain people aren't holding up their end of the deal. the bad SAs just make it harder for the good SAs, because we're invariably in charge of cleaning up their messes.
  9. If I know I'm planning on purchasing something, I dress up and wear a nice bag. I'll dress down if I'm just browsing. It's sad but true. I get better service when I'm dressed up.
  10. That's awful, Serendipity. I hate when that happens.