a friend of mine selling an expensive item needs advice

  1. Hi people
    A friend of mine who is selling a high price item ( well has listed it )
    has received two messages from singapore , they have feedback 30 plus but no activity on the account for years

    and here is one of the messages
    I think it could be a scam but told my pal I would ask here

    Dear Seller,

    I noticed your item listed for auction and I'm very interested in it. I want to express this way my firm intention to purchase it. Due to the value of the item I was wondering whether you will accept a payment using direct credit card but not by Paypal and kindly let me know if you are able to ship this item to Singapore. Of course, being my idea, I'm offering to pay for all the costs implied in the transaction. I also want to thank you in advance for your gratitude to answer my inquiry. Please reply to my email to discuss further this aspect, for better communication. Thank you.

    Best Regards,

    Your thoughts and advise would be really appreciated I am worried for her and have said not to reply yet

  2. Definitely a scam. Tell her to block them. She will get several strange emails, I'm sure. Make sure if she has a Buy It Now price, to check the box that says immediate payment is due.
  3. Oh by the way, tell your friend she shouldn't respond to them at all. They want her email address too.
  4. This is ringing alarm bells with me. I don't know why exactly, but there are some obvious points that come to mind based on a very unhappy experience with my own credit card details being stolen. First, a stolen credit card or cloned card would be something one might want to use without the paypal link. Secondly, if there is unauthorised use of a credit card, the transaction will be disputed and your friend will have to refund the money having long since lost the bag. Thirdly, the Paypal dispute process wouldn't be open to her and a chargeback on a credit card wouldn't be possible if it were a stolen/cloned card. I don't understand why this would be an advantageous thing to do unless there was some nefarious motive . . .and I am always suspicious of buyers who offer more money to do unusual things . . .For me, it would be a 'thank you for your interest, I am afraid I am going to have to refuse your offer and stick to the terms of payment in my listing' reply.
  5. ^^ Good point, I didn't think of that - maybe also forward the message to eBay trust and safety?
  6. Yeah I would! I've had too many poor experiences to deal with anything weird on eBay!
  7. thankyou everyone E bay is getting more scarey by the day!
    this is the second message from a different buyer id , again feedback is there but not active for a few years
    are they hi jacking peoples accounts I wonder

    here is the second message:

    I offer you US$8,400.00 Receipt purchase (xxxxxx) plus i will pay shipping with FedEx Express Priority mail service to Singapore.If you accept payment with Mastercard or Visa, I will send my credit card information later.I will wait for Your Confirmation.PS: I can send scan of my credit card front and back and my Id card for proff of identity . Please send me your email address so I can give you quick reply
  8. I received the almost smiliar email for my $850 & $ 1500 LV bags. Def. a scam!!! That dumb scammer will use stolen cc then if the authorized holder complaint, police will come after your friend and suspicious her is join with cyber crime of cc fraudulent. Beware.
  9. thankyou LV GODIVA
    I thought it was a scam
    is there any point reporting it?? i mean they dont seem to bother e bay do they

    thanks again
  10. Forward the emails to: spoof@ebay.com and let them know. I'm not sure if you'll ever hear anything again but at least you've done your part.
  11. Big scam. Tell your friend she should not respond to the emails. She should also block them and report them to Ebay.

  12. don't do it:nogood::nogood:
  13. thankyou everyone
    I like this forum its seems to be more friendly than some of the others
    or is it me??