A friend asks your opinion, do you give an honest answer?

  1. Hmm... I actually like it. :nuts::love: But I tend to like funky or fuzzy bags. Is it authentic though?
  2. The bag is authentic and the seller is a great seller!:yes: However, I don't think the bag is worth the $$$ even though it's super cute!:love:
  3. it's cute, but not worth the price :yes:
  4. it's cute! :heart:

    but i'm so afraid to get it dirty.....it looks so easy to get stained... :upsidedown:
  5. cute, but I'm not into fur (not that that matter) and I don't think it's worth the money for sure. I can think of 6 bags I love that I could get for that much money!
  6. Gosh that bag is soooo cute, but I'm not feeling the $7,000+ price tag!
  7. I'd give her my honest opinion - especially when it's that expensive and she hasn't yet bought it.
  8. For that price, I'd get a Hermes bag...then I'd REALLY love it...LOL
  9. I agree!
  10. not a fan.
  11. I prefer it in the black, Winnoa Ryder has one !

    Honestly, if you don't like it - let her know ! I mean, she should know that she's going to be carrying the bag in the end and not you right ? ;)
  12. I really like it cause it's so unique but like what the others said, it's def. not worth the price. Might as well get a Hermes Birkin ;)
  13. That color is just asking for trouble. Plus I am anti fur. Looks like something JLO would carry though :lol:
  14. I love it! It's awesome! Although it's not a practical bag, it certainly is a show-stopper!