A Friday Night Reveal!

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  1. My very first SGH city came today! I'm glad I got this beauty :biggrin:


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    • sgh.jpg
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  2. Waitinggg
  3. :popcorn:
  4. I think it is a purple bag
  5. :popcorn: Bring it on!
  6. Lets see!
  7. we know it is SGH and a City and you already have black.
  8. Heh, sorry for the delay. Here's my 2010 FW Anthracite City!


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    • sgh4.jpg
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  9. Gorgeous bag!
  10. congrats THIS COMBO is so rock and pretty;)
  11. Great score
  12. Lol. Actually, I was either going to get a murier pt or this. I'm pretty glad I got the anthra but I really want a purple bag now! :graucho:

    & Thank you cutekateN, CHLOEGLAMOUR, and maxxout! :heart:
  13. Beautiful bag, congrats!
  14. that is lovely - anthra is just my favourite! congrats!
  15. :smile: I love this hardware!!