A Friday Night Reveal ~ My Way!

  1. Looks great on you! It especially pops with the color of your top! Enjoy and THANK YOU for revealing it to us! Love it!
  2. That is one beautiful bag! I have the black Goat Sage and because I love her so much, I'd really contemplating getting this one, too.

    You're so enabling me!

    Enjoy, and always keep the pics coming. ;)
  3. OMG I am so jealous!!!! You're a lucky girl!! Congrats and enjoy her. Good thing I'm over hear, I wouldn't want to get my drool on her!
  4. Bag twins. I LOVE this bag. The HW, the detail on the handles, the slouch when carrying on you arm and that delicious pebbled leather. She looks great on you.

    Now I have to agree with CforC this girl is REALLY HEAVY. The heaviest bag I own. So she doesn't come out often as I would like.
  5. You ladies are so right about the weight! Holy moly is she heavy, thankfully I am a light packer because I'm not sure my shoulder could take much more lol I do love this bag regardless, I just will not be taking her on long day trips ever again. I ended up mini golfing with my kids with this bag and boy was that misery!!! I used the longer strap cross body to try and keep her out of the way, no such luck and that long strap is about as uncomfortable as they get! Good thing she is so pretty, makes her worth the shoulder ache :biggrin:
  6. I have the first sage in light gray and she is heavy but NOT as heavy as the pebbled ones - I dont carry her THAT much - she hurts my shoulder.
    WATCH the shoulder pain
  7. You are right about the weight difference from the first in regular leather, what a huge difference! I has also considered the python sage, do you happen to know how the weight is on that one? I would assume less than the pebbled but have not actually held one to know for sure.
  8. that bag looks great on you. you have great style. i also love your watch - may i ask who makes it?

  9. hmmmmm not sure about they python but i know that the pebbled is NICE but omg HEAVY EMPTY
  10. Thank you! It's the Dolce & Gabbana "Forever" watch, it's really thick and durable and wears comfortably :smile:
  11. I had the Python but the scales were lifting so I returned her. She was sexy bag, if I recall she may have been just a tad lighter in weight.
  12. That's another HUGE worry I have about the python, the bag is so slouchy that I think scale damage will be inevitable :sad: thanks for posting, I need to remind myself of this next time I consider buying one!