a friday night drunken enabling thread...

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  1. well...it's friday and i'm tipsy. and i'm sure there are some of you that are forgetting this week by having a few too many glasses of wine. hehe.

    SO, let us cheer:drinkup: and do what we do best: enable!

  2. personally, i'm trying to figure out what keyfob to get, since i'm not digging any bags right now. hehe. i'm gonna be GOOD for once!
  3. The Tortoise keyfob is CUUUTE!!!
  4. :tispy:Cheers! I'm a little tipsy as well....I suppose I should probably keep that Visa out of reach...

    :P Especially after seeing that red patent hobo yesterday!!
  5. But I love the watermelon one too!
  6. i'm not a fan of the turtle...

    am, what's your drink of choice? lol. i'm on my 3rd glass of pinot grigio...but i could use a good martini.
  7. oooh...the watermelon...that would look SO cute on my magenta mia!

  8. Hehe...I've been mixing up my own mojitos believe it or not. Feeling very good. :cool:

    I keep browsing the Coach website trying to make up excuses to buy more. I need a boost for my (lacking) "collection" to keep up with everyone here :P

    As far as keyfobs, I agree that the tortoise is adorable, as well as the new 'fun fruit.'
  9. i was gonna say the turtle, but that's a no-go so i'm going to pick a pair of shoes!:yes: how about the chocolate/chestnut Emilie sandal?
  10. i have SO many coach shoes already...and i never wear them. :shame:

    i need to buy something i'll actually use. so i'm leaning towards teh patti sunnies.

    mojitos! yum...i need to look up the recipe!
  11. HA! I wasn't expecting this thread but I actually just poured a glass of wine! I'm in kind of a funk tonight so what the heck, right? At least it's the weekend and I don't have to be back to work till Monday! Woot!!

    I'm waiting (impaitently I might add) for my keyfob to arrive... hopefully it will be here in the morning.
  12. i just mixed myself a nice sprite zero with some cherry juice :drinkup:

    i think the patti sunglasses are fab but a little to small for my face im leaning more towards the mimi sunglasses in tortiose !
  13. jodi, what are you waiting on?

    i like the patti sunnies because most of them are just too big...i look like a bug otherwise!
  14. yeah im the complete opposite i look ridiculous (sp ?) in anything small so the big ones are the only ones that make me not look funny. the dior glossys and the coach mimis fit my face like a glove haha
  15. i tried on a pair of chanels i LOVED. but i'm a student without a job- i can't justify $400+ on sunnies right now.