A Fresh Reveal...of my FIRST BV!

  1. I'm a BV newbie, and happily present my first Large Nappa Veneta in Quetsche! The color is amazing...in different lighting it has dark mauve-plum undertones.

    Thank you for letting me share....this kind of excitement (as you all well know)
    is just not meant to be contained! Ahhh, the leather is simply divine.

    A humble note of gratitude to Annie9999....for your gentle encouragement and advice in welcoming me to BV. I think I'll stay a while. ;)
  2. What a gorgeous color! Congrats!!!! :woohoo:
  3. THAT is a gorgeous color
    from the pic it looks sorta purplish lavendarish brown
    it is very very pretty :woohoo::yahoo:
  4. Such an enigmatic color! Love it! Welcome to your new BV obsession.
  5. Thank you, azjavagirl! The color just drew me right in! :biggrin:

    Thank you, septembersiren! :smile: All of the colors are scrumptious...I just fell in love with the warmth of the purplely brown. :love: This surely is just the beginning of my BV journey!:graucho:
  6. Thank you, Kandyroxy! :biggrin: These BV colors/bags are dangerously intoxicating! I'm drooling over your BV avatar (well, and Starbucks java too!)
  7. Very pretty! Congrats!
  8. wow, this is a gorgeous color! seems like it would be such a versatile color too.
  9. What a nice, warm color. I'll check it out at the boutique during my biz travel to Scottsdale next week.
  10. This color is at the top of my *want to see IRL* list. Congratulations on a lovely bag and the most comfortable style BV makes!
  11. Kapow! What a beauty! A fantastic first BV!
  12. I thought that was ebano at first glance. Very nice bag!
  13. Beautiful bag! And congratulations from a fellow BV newbie. :p
  14. Congrats. I need to see this IRL. I love brown undertone. Is that possible to post more pictures?
  15. What a great colour. Congrats on your fabulous new bag