A frenchie Valentine's reveal...she's finally here!


Jun 7, 2006
Behind the wheel....
SHE'S HERE!!!!:biggrin::

Last May, I received THAT phone call from my SA offering me a special order :shocked:. In my original thread here: http://forum.purseblog.com/hermes/eek-ive-just-been-offered-an-so-get-752648.html, I sought the advice from all of you. I truly would be lost without all the knowledge and recommendations of all the wonderful people on tPF. :urock: I made my decision, and hoped that someday the order would come in, but was certainly NOT expecting anything even within the year. Then....would I like it? Was it the right choice? Would the size suit me??? :cray::panic:

2 weeks ago I got the call! But since I don't live in the same city (the store was Madison Ave), I had to make travel arrangements to go pick it up. My very fashionable girlfriend was going to come with me on Wed, Feb 13, so we could spend a day in the City. Unfortunately between her schedule and flight availability the plans fell through, so DH agreed that we would make a day of it on Valentine's Day:graucho:

Alas, shortly after I booked those flights, he informed me he would probably have jury duty :cursing:, in which case I would go alone....so it was with lots of aggravation that we waited to find out if he could come with me or not. Thankfully, at 3pm on the 13th he told me he was not selected and he was good to go!

We left our house at 4:30am :sleepy:...and once we arrived we bumbled around until stores opened, then shopped (for him), ate, and drank until we went to H to pick up my special order....

The photos are after we got home, taken this weekend...



Ahh Money Penny...
Aug 23, 2007
Your puppy is sooo cute!!:tender:Love the pic with him in the bag!!!:biggrin: