A French Womans Allure

  1. Ladies..

    A while back I saw a few articles on the allure of a French Womans style. One American women writer talked about living in France for a dozen years all the while studying make makes a French Woman style so amazing and still not getting it after all of that time.

    I thought it would be interesting to have girl talk about this whole topic.

    I jotted down a few of the ideas in the various articles and thought we could add to them and share...:yes: Here is a start....

    1. Buy as little as you can for much more than you can afford.
    Focus on investment, quality, subtle elegance.
    Time is still something to squander on taste.
    Better to have three well exquisite well chosen outfits.

    2. Only way to appear fresh and exciting is to think deep thoughts. Strategize each outfit as if preparing for war. Dressing requires intricate preparation. What the other person thinks, what you want them to think, etc. all part of the equation.

    3. Innate style demands decades of practice. Subliminal enticement. Ability to make people be relaxed and charmed at the same time by what you wear.

    4. Never wear anything second rate. Vulgarity is the enemy of allure.

    5. Know how to age. Mature women are regarded with much admiration. To look good as you age versus to look young. Acquiring and maintaining beauty is considered a noble goal.

    6. In France you do not have to go to a gym. If you nibble a croissant for breakfast just eat fish for dinner. Walk everywhere.

    7. Don't give it all away at once. To look beautiful reveal nothing.

    maggie :wlae:
  2. Interesting...I have the book french women don't get fat, and she talks about not using gyms and just walking. But, sometimes thats not possible and a gym is very convenient. I wish it were that easy! It would save me gym memberships....;)
  3. ^ I love that book. I should really learn something from it, though, lol.
  4. French women smoke a lot ususally too which supresses the appetite
  5. Then I am right on target!! JUST KIDDING!!!:love:
  6. hmmmm...maybe not as interesting as I thought. Maybe we are just glad be US. Nice play on words huh? mm
  7. I am French.....so I don't really know !
    But The main difference I do notice with other women while going abroad, is that French women look more effortless chic....We don't like to overdo things.
    Abroad I see a lot of women who are trying too hard : like hair super brushed or puffy or straightened + strong make up+ fake tan + skirt + cleavage + killer heels + ..+ ....+ too many plus. Whereas we learn very young to be simple.To have understated sexyness, not obvious. That just showing your neck or your ankle is sexy, a deep voice is sexy...
    Example : if your wear a mini skirt, you wear a large big jumper on top,
    if you are very well dressed (like cocktail dress or suit to go out) you don't brush your hair and leave them messy. About make up, We have a saying :"the best make up is the one that isn't noticeable".
    The way you carry yourself, just like a lady.....no laughing out loud in public places, walk head up, fast and soft steps....look dreamy and intellectual and opiniated even if you're not.
    That's all I can think of : contrast, natural and subtle sexyness.....even if that's certainly not what will get men turning their heads on you !!! That's for other women....lol
  8. Interestingly, I have not found that it is a "versus." In fact, quite the opposite.

    As the years have passed, I have made a very sustained, intense, and conscious effort to do all I can to look my best, as opposed to having the goal be to look as young as possible, and if I can say this without appearing to boast, it continually astonishes me how people assume that I am so waay much younger than I am!

    "They cannot," I mumble to myself, "be looking at the same crone who has been unauthorizedly living in my mirror for so many years ago now. And most certainly not that even more decrepit-looking creature she brings in when I wake up in the morning, just to make my toothbrushing experience even less pleasant than it already is."

    So I guess the lesson is, looking your best comes with looking younger included at no extra charge.
  9. Oh I really like reading your thoughts Shimma.

    Anyways the other things I would like to add is that, the French woman will still care about looking good -her age- even after getting married, having children etc.....I see so many women here dressing in a potato sac when they reach 40, like they don't care.... :sad:
  10. you should read 2 lipsticks and a lover it's all about bringing out the french woman in you it goes into exactely what you are asking about
  11. Thank you, thank you for this!! This is how I am trying to redefine my spending/shopping habits.
  12. By the way I totally agree with this 'French' way of dressing and I think that Kate Moss embodies it quite well. She successfully pulls off the couture gown with messy, unbrushed hair or a croc Kelly with shorts and a t-shirt.

    Never the 'whole hog' but always stylish and modern.
  13. I'm part French and men always tell me I have mystique. I honestly believe beauty comes from within so if you feel good about yourself then that radiates outwardly.

    Good health is the key to all. You must take care of yourself. Exercise and good nutrition are super important. Not everyone can or should like a size 0 but everyone should try to maintain healthy living

    I think you also have to know what looks work for you and what doesn't. You have to know what are your assets and
    play them up and downplay your not-so-favorite attributes.

    and I totally agree about quality. But things you know that will have staying power as opposed to lil throwaway pieces.
  14. Beautiful rules to go by
  15. In addition to that I also noticed:
    I'm not french, neither am I a girl, but when me and some other people I know lived with families in france (Provence), the girls were told when to stop eating and the fat ones were told speciafically to watch their weight and to eat less. It's was like that in most of the families that had girls. Here (and perhaps in america too) pointing out someone's weight like that would be an absolute no-no. I'm always amazed not just on how well dressed most women are in Frace, but aslo most of them are slim looking and have slender bodies. It's not just because of genes (allthough some of it is, germanic females usually have larger hip bones (which you cannot really reduce=P) than french, italians, russians etc...), it's because of this culutral trait also I think. And it's really no secret that healthy slim looking people look better in virtually everything than fat ones...