A formal introduction

  1. Ladies, let me formally introduce myself and share my Damier luv luves with you....hope the pictures come out right. The non-checkered ones,as you know, are my Prada "Rainy Days" bags...there is one white big tote I just ordered as well but....
  2. no pics!
  3. Sorry, let me try again.
  4. Very nice !!! thanks for sharing..
  5. Welcome !!

    Would you like me to move this to the showcase forum, to be with the other member collections ? Just let me know. :yes:
  6. nice bags! what damier is that behind the speedy?
  7. Small bucket...sorry the pic is not that good, I hate this digital camera!
  8. the one between the bucket & the alma....
  9. Yes, please... thank you!
  10. ^^^ Done !! :yes:
  11. Oh, sorry, its the Chelsea.
  12. Oops, I think I liked it better..back in the LV forum...plz again? :P
  13. awesome collection!
  14. thanks!:love:
  15. Aww.... I've never seen so much Damier!!!! ;)

    Is that a Naviglio on the top right corner?