A ? for the scarf experts

  1. I'm not familiar with their different patterns and designs, etc. Does Hermes make a silk scarf that features their bags... or even, um, maybe just one specific bag? :shame: KELLY :amuse:
  2. They have some designs incorporating some bags. My new shawl has Birkins, HACs, travel Plumes ... I also think Kellys, but I have to look again.
  3. oh yes, La Vanguardia, it's beautiful! I'm thinking about a silk scarf, something to wrap around the hair or something. a little token of good things to come. ;)
    ps, OT, but thank you for your tuesday updates. looking forward to more!:flowers:
  4. I'm not sure about a scarf with handbags on it but how about the quintessential Hermes scarf, Bolduc? It comes in a few different color grounds and it's the one with the Hermes ribbon criss-crossing the scarf depicting the streets of Paris. I have one in Orange and Brown and I love it. It's so.....Hermes!
  5. very very beautiful!
  6. I love the Bolduc design as well, shopmom! and La Van, your scarf sounds so pretty! HiHeels, I would love to see a scarf also that features a Kelly and I'm sure if they ever came out with that, it would be beautiful.
  7. there is no scarf i know of with Hermes bags on...there is one with stamps and one if the stamps shows a bag but thats about it...

  8. HiHeels.....I wear my Bolduc when it's chilly out with my black leather jacket and it really looks chic. I just throw it around my neck like you would a shawl and wear the jacket over it. It just peeks out the collar and adds that dash of color - in NYC, you would look pretty fabby walking down the street with a black coat, black Kelly and your Bolduc scarf.....Yup, I can see it now!
  9. shopmom...oh no now I need to get a Bolduc scarf!! It must look really chic and I love black. Is yours the orange and brown?
  10. Yes and the colors are wonderful. Goes with just about everything IMO. I had a hard time finding one out here 'cause I THINK it's a design from about two years ago. I know there are a few on eBay but your SA should be able to source one for you and I'd go that route first. It's one of those scarves that are timeless....
  11. Thanks...I know I'd love it!!
  12. I have the orange and brown one too. I was actually thinking of framing it and hanging it in my room. But then everytime I looked at it I would want to break it open and wear it.
  13. thank you so much for all the info. i'm crazed with jet lag, and will be missing in action for a bit as i'm in l.a. as of one hour ago. anyhoo, it was a wonderful image, with the black coat, but unfortunately (or fortunately, because i love it), i have a very busy miu miu coat. :smile:
    they really need a "tribute to the kelly" scarf.