A fish out of water..... can she survive? *REVEAL*

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  1. LOL at your hubby!
  2. Thanks brintee and drea... love your avatar drea:flowers:
  3. Isn't he awesome!!!:cloud9:
  4. YAY !! i prefer these compared to thye fishy jaws from the "what were you thinking" thread :heart:
  5. bella, congrats on finally getting your UHG!!!! i hope the wait was well worth it... i know it was for me.... enjoy them love. mine are still one of my favorites, and probably my most worn pair.

    p.s. they look like they were made for your feet!!!! i am so glad you decided to get them!
  6. Thanks carlinha! I just love your JAWS pics in the exotic thread...
  7. congrats again Bella!! they look absolutely lovely on you! :woohoo:
  8. Bella, congratulations on the Jaws! They look fantastic on you! I hope I can find a pair in my size one day! :biggrin:

    ^Can I just say that you don't even look close to that?
  9. Well hello Bella! *waving* Your Jaws look amazing on you!!
  10. love them congrats!!!!
  11. omg so stunning. Congrats! They're gorgeous!
  12. omg, they're amazing!! they look fabulous on you. i'm so glad they girls enabled you into getting these, they're too beautiful to pass up!
  13. Awww, thank you ringing phone... Wish u could make it to our SF meet up on March. I had a great time showing u a little bit of our City.
  14. Thank you so much kuromi, jance, thithi, lilblue and dezy ( love your ADs dezy ). My pretty Jaws are sitting on the nightstand next to me now :smile:
  15. They're Heeeerrreeeee!!!!!


    SO excited for you- they are PERFECT!! Congratulations!! Wear them in good health :biggrin: Are you going to save them for a special occasion or get them out and about right away? :biggrin: