A fish out of water..... can she survive? *REVEAL*

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  1. My dear, they are perfect!!! Congratulations on this amazing pair!!
  2. Thank you yaya:kiss:, panda, erin, sobe, Noe (fellow Deal Chat stalker), Karwood, Amazi, LouboutinNerd, New Purse:blush: and lolitablue!

    Thank you Sara... for your enabling, gently persuasion and outright coaxing!! I cannot believe I almost walked away....:hugs:
  3. So beautiful Bella! Congrats on a UHG. :yahoo:
  4. They're gorgeous Bella!!!! Congrats!!!! That seemed like really fast shipping, too!!! They look stunning on you!
  5. Yes, we must!! :hugs:
  6. YAAAAAAAAAAAY! They look GORGEOUS on you, bella! I am so glad that you finally decided to get them! :yahoo:

    Congrats! :party:
  7. Congrats dear Bella! I'm so glad you decided to go for them instead of walking away! They are absolutely magnificent! And even more magnificent that they're on your feet now! :love:
  8. gorgeous, Bella! the jaws look absolutely perfect on you! so glad that you grabbed them!
  9. Beautiful!
  10. Bella, they look stunning! Congrats!
  11. I know! :yahoo: I bought them Friday right? Seller was in NY and shipped them Saturday Priority. In addition, she wrapped them in this pretty purple tissue paper and tied a beautiful matching bow around the box... if that wasn't enough; I mentioned this year I am celebrating the big 4-0 (September)...she sent even an EARLY, early birthday card!!! :nuts:
  12. It would be heaven!! We would be like little girls playing dress up all day!
  13. Thank you so much elf, surly, compulsive, cjy and meaghan....

    so...funny thing. Hubby had to sign for them today and he has seen his fair share of shoe boxes being delivered...he signed and set them on the staircase for me. I did not mention these babies were on their way...

    I came home from work not knowing if they were here or not and hubby was not home. I found them on the stairs... raced up stairs, snapped off all the pics and tucked them safely on my shoe display rack.

    SOOOO, over Dinner tonight...hubby simply asks...'So, what do the shoes look like?':roflmfao:
  14. Yay bella, they are so beautiful on you! Im so happy you found such a special pair! :flowers:
  15. Bella, congrats! You have done well!