A fish out of water..... can she survive? *REVEAL*

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  1. bella, they look beautiful!!
  2. They are stunning, Bella! I can only imagine how amazing they look and feel IRL! Congrats!

    Just a good, solid foundation! :P
  3. Yowza! Congrats, Bella! They're beautiful!
  4. Absolutely!! If it were warmer out I'd wear them this weekend on my Valentine's date with my hubby!

    Perhaps at the March SF tPF meetup??
  5. Thanks rdgldy and Jet!:flowers:

    Authentic... they are simply fantastic IRL.. the python skin is PERFECT and this amazing shade of ivory... I love them!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! And the sizing is absolutely spot on.
  6. dear bella ... your excitement is VERY contagious! i'm beyond thrilled for you. they look beautiful on you. AMAZING score! congrats. :nuts::yahoo::nuts:
  7. bella, your jaws are absolutely gorgeous! Congrats!
  8. the jaws are awesome, bella!
  9. Congrats Bella!!! They look beautiful on you!!!
  10. Bella congrats!!! They look amazing on you!!!!!!
  11. Your Jaws are GORGEOUS!! They look absolutely perfect on you!
  12. Wowsers, bella!!! Those jaws are
    simply gorgeous!! Congratulations to you!
  13. Oh Bella, they look incredible on you! So glad you decided to get them. Congrats!
  14. truly beyond beautiful bella, i'm glad i was there for the wavering/buying process
  15. Wow! Congrats Bella on your new UHG! They're really a beautiful pair and it looks good on you! It's very lovely to look at on your feet. =)