A fish out of water..... can she survive? *REVEAL*

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  1. I apologize for the lack of build up or suspense.... but I heard most fish cannot survive out of water.....so I must not delay.... :graucho:
  2. :popcorn:
  3. Nope... not it... although pretty....

  4. Yeah, a live one! Open, open, open!
  5. This is closer...... although it may bite.....

  6. I have torn through the paper.... unwrapped the lavender ribbon.... unfolded the lavendar tissue.... and........ :faint:

    I would never imagined they were this pretty in person......
  7. Tell the fish I am running out of popcorn!!
  8. jaws jaws jaws jaws
  9. They fit like a dream..... love them..... :love:

    Introducing my new JAWS!!!!


  10. o...m...g...:faint:
  11. WOW bella!! congratulations!!
  12. Thank you to all of the lovely ladies, especially Jimmy, on the deals chat thread for keeping me on the 'hook' for these beautiful new additions... I wavered, I said yes, no and all in between... I almost walked away from them several times...but our mighty enablers came through and can add one more victorious 'enablement' to the fleet!

    I am so glad I grabbed them!
  13. Que bella, Bella! I've always loved the Jaws. They are just stunning on you!
  14. Bella, they look simply AMAZING on you! :nuts: Congrats shoe twin! :hugs:
  15. Thank you nerdy and naked....

    Nerdy... these were the babies the Whipsnakes needed to fund! :hugs:

    naked... we MUST find you a pair... these fit me perfect so maybe a 39.5 for you?