A First New Hello

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  1. Hi Guys ...My name is K and i'm so glad to have joined this forum been in the background for a short while but thought i'd sign in to say Hello. Got a lot of interests that include being able to enjoy the good life (don't we all ; ) ...e.g. Travelling, Eating out at the New places and being able to claim a Gin based cocktails by the end of the night....On a daily basis I am abit of an art fanatic ... andy warhol has to be my all time favourite. Otherwise the 9-5pm job at Beefeater24 keeps me busy; but I look forward to chatting to you :biggrin:
  2. welcome k, what are your favorite subforums to hang out at?
  3. Thanks for the welcome :smile: - Big chanel and prada fan - bags and sunglasses are things i do tend to dwelve into ...clothes not so much of a priority ...how abt you?
  4. I'm all over the place, as I think most people on here are...I love going to deals & steals and beauty bar, but be forewarned, you may start spending mucho $$ if you hang out there, or anywhere on tpf, for too long. I used to never buy bags, more of a shoe and clothes girl, but now I have many more bags than I started out with, and I even started with makeup! good luck and don't be shy to chime in to other threads on tpf. the ladies here are really great.