A first classic flap - advice

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  1. As is often the case for me, one exciting Chanel purchase prompts another and I find myself debating between lambskin classic flaps. I was hoping to get some advice from you ladies that have them.

    Brief back info - I also love caviar leather, but it doesn't speak to me the way that lamb does. I am gentle on my bags and have many delicate ones that still look great, so we can take durability out of the equation. I also want a color, as I intend to get a black reissue at some point.

    So then in terms of lambskin flaps in a color - below are three colors that I have been considering. (Granted, none of them are necessarily obtainable right now, but I'm patient). The problem is, I already have bags in these color families, so none of them fills a clear gap in my wardrobe ;).

    That said, which one of these colors would you get, and why?

    A bright red

    A bright blue

    A minty or otherwise green with blue undertones

    Thanks for any thoughts!
  2. I think the red is the most beautiful, then blue, then green
  3. I would go with red. Red was the first 'colourful' Chanel bag that I ever bought (in my case, a boy bag). Not only is red a 'classic' Chanel colour, but I consider it to be like a neutral - it pretty much goes with everything. I would find it harder to match a bright blue or mint green flap to my clothing, even though I embrace colour in my wardrobe. Red flaps also hold their value (sometimes even better than black bags).
  4. My vote is for red because it is stunning! I do agree it can go with so much and can be so hard to find later making it so valuable.
  5. I love a red Chanel!
  6. Another vote for red. My first classic flap was a red lambskin jumbo (13C) and I love it dearly. Chanel reds are gorgeous! [emoji173]️
  7. I'd also go for red. But if that wasn't available, then I'd go for blue.
  8. The red..more 'classic'
  9. OMG if you ever find the mint green color please share your intel as it's my favorite!!! I think Lamb sounds perfect for you since you take good care of your bags and don't think you'll have trouble :smile:

  10. Thanks - yeah I wear my current red bags a LOT, but I already have two which makes me fee a little silly getting a third. But yeah, like you I feel like red is the most classic if I'm not going for black or beige.

  11. So many votes for red! Thanks very much for the feedback.

  12. I do not in fact have a lead on this bag at the moment, but if I ever do I will hit you up asap. I love it so much but I do have a great bag in this color and I probably don't need another.
  13. I also vote for red with blue as a second option.
  14. I love the red too - BUT - I also feel like Red is a color you can come across somewhat frequently to add to your collection at a later time. (unless of course it's a particular shade of red that you are looking for). But that Minty green bag, there's just something about it that speaks to me personally. I love it and it looks like something that is super wearable for spring and summer and perhaps a color you may not have the opportunity to get again. So I dunno. I'd be torn between those two. And I do love the bright blue too. Welp, I'm not much help am I ? Lol! :lol:
  15. A vote for Bright Blue- Perfect if you wear a lot of Black, Grey, Navy, White or Red!
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