A fickle obsessive needs Mulberry help!!!

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  1. The title says it all!!! You all know how fickle I am and here is my dilemma and after rehoming lots of bags I now need to make some new purchase decisions.

    There are 2 bags I love right now - The Alexa and Miu Miu Bow satchell.

    I am having trouble figuring out which combination to go for.

    I have a regular oak Alexa and recently bought a tan Miu Miu Bow. At first I was disappointed with the quality of the Bow but it's so lovely it's growing on me.

    However, I don't know whether to return it and buy a black Miu Miu Bow instead as I don't have any black bags.

    Problem is I really want a black OS Alexa when they are released.

    Is it better to have 2 brown similar bags or 2 black similar bags.

    I don't have any black bags but not sure if that's just how it is or because black doesn't work for me!!!

    I have lots of Oak bags but perhaps that's because they work for me???

    I'm so fickle and want to get this decision right. Living in Scotland makes it impossible to see these bags together at the same time which would help my decision.

    So, a quick recap:

    What's best the best colour to have 2 of:

    Oak Alexa & Tan Bow
    Black Alexa & Black Bow
  2. Good grief Tiree ! Too much for a Saturday morning !- I'm off to have a shower and I'll mull it over...:tup:
  3. tan bow and the gorgeous black alexa when it comes out! it looks stunning!
  4. Tiree, why is the hayden going back? Thats a lovely black bag!

    I would have 2 tan/oak bags, as you know that colour works for you...
  5. Hula, I can't get along with Hayden. I put my bits n bobs inside her during the week and was about to go out when I looked in the mirror and didn't like the way her flap was sitting. No matter how I tried to reposition the flat I just wasn't happy. I want a bag that I can through on and go, not one that I will worry about her flaps :graucho:!!!

    I agree, Oak works for me but I'm worried that I have so many oak already. Perhaps I need to think about letting an oak bag go to justify it.
  6. I think that 2 tan bags might be better? `The detail stand out more on the tan, making the style/brand of the bag more 'visable'. Therefore it will be more obvious to both you and others that you have 2 different bags. 2 black bags may be more likely to 'merge' and feel like only 1 bag iykwim? Sorry if that makes no sence at all. It is a nice dilemma to have though! If you really want 2 black then what about waiting for the black on black leopard alexa that has been hinted at on another thread? That would make it pretty different from a black bow?
  7. Mmmm - assuming you can get MiuMiu (Tan or Black) anytime, can't you just return your Tan for now, wait for Black Alexa comes out then see which you love most between Oak & Black Alexa --- and make decision about Bow (or returning Black Alexa)??
  8. Thanks IWANB, what you say makes sense. I just need to hear it from someone else!

    If I thought I'd be content with the black Bow then I'd get it but I know I would still lust after a black Alexa when it was released.
  9. At the moment my thoughts are that my collection will definately have a Oak Alexa and a Black Alexa, it's just which bow to go for.
  10. I definitely think one black bag is a must and if you'll still be lusting for black Alexa if you bought something else then you should wait for her.
  11. keep the tan one! its gorgeous!;)
  12. Yes I think you are right. Just talking it over with you lovely ladies has helped me see things clearer.

    I wish I had some friends IRL who shared my interest in lovely bags, it would make life much easier. Sadly no one understands me!!!!

  13. Yes it is, the tan colour is the Bow which I first noticed a few years ago, although it was a smooth leather, however never thought I would ever spend that kind of money ;)
  14. My question: if you have a black Alexa, will you ever reach for the black bow?

    You have oak Alexa and tan Bow. Will you use both or do you think you will always prefer one of them more?

    How do they compare sizewise? You have regular Alexa and you want the OS Alexa in black. What size is the bow (never seen one IRL)?
  15. its amazing how much we will spend on something we have fallen in love with!