A few unusual Chloe bags and clutches

  1. 30032006(005).jpg 30032006(007).jpg 30032006(008).jpg 30032006(009).jpg

    I quite like them but it doesn't justify the prices (except for the black clutches)
  2. Those beaded ones in the 1st pic looks interesting. But not really a clutch fan. Hmm, I must not go out enough to fancy digs, heh.
  3. I go to the supermarket with a clutch sometimes. Just because I can... Or to the office. After all the bag purchases, I can't really afford fancy digs :biggrin:
  4. You are the best, I swear:lol:! You are Absolutely FABULOUS, dahlink!!:biggrin:
  5. Not a fan at all......
  6. Oh, they are pretty! I love clutches, the more pearls, the better...
    I have some vintage clutches & evening bags from my mom and my grandmother, but I couldn't honestly say I ever use them. But I love them and take them out to look at them every now and then.

    Perja, I like your idea to use clutches anytime, just for the fun of it. I'll try going groceryshopping with a pearlclutch next, just to give the neighbours something to gossip about...
  7. I love your attitude, gals! Yeah, why shouldn't we all look glamorous even if it is while doing mundane stuff. More power to us! YEAH!
  8. Hmmmm......I like the 30% discount on the sign!
  9. Yar!!!! That be sayin' more booty for the takin', matey!

    Edit: Sorry, my inner pirate wanted out today.
  10. Like it Perja...I am also more of a pirate than a glamour girl...I say spare the clutches, but take the rest of the Chloe booty...my "gold" would be the medium pocket paddy, a few python silverado bags, and perhaps a tote or two (or ten)...and in this case, Gladys...I want her too... ****, I think I need a bigger ship!
  11. Lol SoCal I say we capture the whole lot, sell what we don't want and keep the rest for ourselves. I'll have the clutches then ;) And the bracelet bags.

    Oh and all the baby Paddies that can be found because I'm the motherly kind, I'll give them a good home ;)
  12. Sounds fab, matey!
  13. I love them all; neutral and classy, but glamorous at the same time :love:.

    The skilled work that goes into making the hand-beaded bags makes them well worth the price :smile:.
  14. Nice! I'm loving the one on the far right. So pretty. Thanks for posting the pics.
  15. I dug this up lookin' for another thread. Perja, you sooo crack me up and if you don't make it to Amsterdam with us, then I'm comin' to get you!:lol: