A few treasure of Gucci !!!!

  1. Here is my small collection. Love guccissima leather !!!:yahoo:[​IMG][​IMG]
    photo 012.jpg photo 015.jpg
  2. Lovely! I especially like the fabric bag!
  3. Great collection!
  4. Lovely Collection!!
  5. Love em... :biggrin:
  6. love the keychains. They are so unique
  7. You may think it is a small collection....but it ROCKS!!!!!

  8. very nice.
  9. pretty collection!
  10. I LOVE YOUR COLLECTION! I love platinum and I love brown monogram and white leather.
  11. Lovely collection!
  12. Cute collection!! Love the silver bag.
  13. what a pretty collection! :heart:
  14. I like that messenger!! Never seen that style before. The off-white strap looks nice, and so does the perforated leather. :yes:

    Love the other two. Is it difficult to carry your treasure boston??? It looks awkward.
  15. Love Your Collection!!!