A Few Tidbits From My Trip Back East...

  1. We left the desert for a few weeks to visit family and, well, Hermes frankly.:rolleyes: I could not find any of the bags I am looking for, but I did pick up a few nice things, including my first scarves! (But after seeing how nicely Rose's dog tied the same scarf I just bought, I don't think I will ever be able to match that look!) A few H firsts for me, the wallet, the scarves, the cadena, and the scarf ring. I forget what leather the wallet is, but the colors are graphite and BJ. I decided to use the scarf ring as jewelry since my SA told me it's complicated to use. I love that the Barenia bracelet works as a necklace too. (I'm so pissed at myself-I dropped baked brie on it the first day I wore it:cursing:)I settled n the hippo because one of my sons loves them. But still longing for an etoupe or rouge H Lindy **sigh**.
    IMG_1491.jpg IMG_1477.jpg IMG_1500.jpg IMG_1463.jpg IMG_1468.jpg
  2. Great haul!! Congratulations. I love what you did with the scarf ring and bracelet! That is so pretty!

    But really, that ring is not so hard to use on the scarf, just play with it...though it is hot as a necklace, too!
  3. OMG, such great buys!!! Congratulations!!
  4. wow!! i love everything! i have been coveting an agenda in the same colors- graphite and bj. and i have that barenia bracelet and i too dropped something on it (olive oil from pasta) on it the first time i wore it! i cleaned the heck out of it and it's much less noticable now. though i keep doing more and more to it. LOL.

    congrats on everything!
  5. What great piece!! I completely love them all (and I also kind of think that Rose's dog would look better in a lot of my accessories than I do). Genius move w/ the scarf ring and the bracelet, that looks fantastic.
  6. Congrats! Those are some beautiful pieces you have!!!
  7. A dogon wallet!!! In graphite and bj togo. Saw that in Singapore too.....and boy, did I COVET! But my credit cards were a bit too hot by that time. Sigh....great haul. The loot is smashing! Congrats...
  8. I love the colors you chose for the Dogon. Awesome! :nuts: And I LOVE your scarf ring/barenia bracelet. Great idea!
  9. Great haul - congrats!!
  10. Love your "tidbits"! The plisse is just wonderful. And I really like the bi color wallet! Congratulations!

    ...your doggie looks alot like mine, Golden Doodle?
  11. luv2: is that barenia bracelet the double tour bracelet??
  12. luv2--Congrats on all your Hermes goodies. :smile:
  13. It is, Vogue. My wrists and neck are the two thin things on body, so I am able to use the double tour as a necklace as well as a bracelet.
  14. Beautiful choices. Love the plisse.
  15. i love your gold bag, congrats and hope you had a great time!