A few thoughts on the Muse "Thread" Dilemna

  1. I know a lot of ladies have been very worried about the threading on their Muse coming apart. Questions of whether or not it's worth it to purchase the Muse have arisen. :shrugs: I myself have grappled with the "Should I" question before finally breaking down getting a large chocolate Muse. And I am so glad I did! How did I reconcile the whole "threading" issue? I thought to myself -- ALL designer bags have character flaws! And the fans of those brands seem to have no problem purchasing the bags. Just to list a few:

    1) Louis Vuitton:
    The leather patinas. Sure, it looks pretty at some points during it's "honey" stages but there can be some problems. For instance you get the unsightly "dark dirty" handles . Eventually the patina gets to the point where the leather just looks black and dirty. Knowing this I still bought an LV Speedy (the bag with the highest chance of getting darkened handles).
    2) Balenciaga: The tassles split. Yup, they split right in half. Balenciaga even anticipates this happening by providing another set of tassles to replace yours once they split and get "white spots". Eventually you'll have to shell out money to buy even more tassles. Knowing this I still purchased a Black First Bbag.
    3) Dior : The dye of the saddle bag actually transfers from the bag to your jeans. So not only does the bag suffer but so do your jeans!
    4) Chloe: The paddington locks chip. Yup, the brass coating on the padlocks chips off to reveal a white brass underneath. The Edith has some "threading" issues. Knowing this I still bought both of them!

    These are the only four brands I personally have experience with so I can't say if Chanel, Prada, etc. have any character flaws. But the point is, every bag has flaws (except for maybe Hermes....:nuts:) and we all still love them! They are handbags. They are being handled. For me, when my Edith/paddington/bbag experiences problems I shell out the small amount of money to get them fixed. And I'll do the same for the Muse!:supacool:
  2. This is a great thread!

    You know, I actually think the LV bag is a great example of this for me! I am apparently one of few who loves the almost white untreated leather look when you first buy the LV. I've had it for probably 4 years (a Speedy) and it's obviously gotten a lot darker. It's just one of those things that I am living with.

    I also have the Muse and to people considering it, it is a timeless, beautiful bag taht I will have for years. It's possible problems weren't enough to keep me from buying it. If you truly LOVE the bag, get it. You do what you have to do to keep it looking nice and pretty. FWIW, I've had mine for 5 months and it still looks brand new.

    Also keep in mind that even a bag that isn't known for having flaws may eventually develop some.
  3. I think you may have convinced me that designer bags aren't all they're worth XD

    I still like designer handbags, doesn't mean I have to own them :biggrin:

    This is a great thread for people worrying about these sort of issues.
  4. Believe me, I've thought this many times before. :yes: I thought, geez, is it really worth 1K + for a handbag? So for a short stint there I tried not carrying designer handbags. It didn't last very long - about a month. Life is too short not to enjoy things that please you...and designer handbags please me greatly!

    But you know what, for all their character flaws designer handbags do make the best leather and designs. What other non-designer bag will provide the leather variation of say, a Balenciaga? Or the deliciously "smooshy" factor of a Chloe? Or the clean lines of a Muse? None, in my opinion...

    But you know, everyone has a vice. I have a friend who thinks it is crazy for me to spend so much on handbags - but in the next breath I learn she shelled out $500 for a pair of Manolos. I have a friend who just bought a 14K ring. Another friend who buys football season tickets that cost more than 2K per season. And let's not forget my friend who is a music lover who can spend up to 1K in one month on music. It's all relative....you can't always look at the price tag alone. :yes:

  5. Oh my God, you posted it so well! I am so considering to buy a Muse and my biggest concern is to make a good investment. I suppose that once you get on this path of owning real nice purses, you cannot go back to your everyday life!! Thank you for posting this and keeping it real!
  6. GREAT thread!!!! - Thanks a lot!!! - ITA in everything!!! :yes:
  7. Very well said!!! I think I'm ready to shop for a muse now!!! Thanks!!!
  8. chrho ....go buy one!! :yahoo: It's really a nice bag! :love: what color and size?
  9. I want to get a large one in white!!! I think it's perfect for summer!!:p
  10. LG, I totally agree with everything you said. I went through those same feelings you described about the price vs. the quality. I buy bags and shoes b/c it makes me feel great. I never thought I'd spend what I do for handbags or shoes, but since I took the plunge 7 yrs ago, I haven't looked back. I love designer bags, I get disappointed when they break or has probs, but...I will continue to buy them. Shucks...we spend thousands on cars and houses and they have issues too don't they??!
  11. Metallics rub off - check the Marc Jacobs forum for more info.
  12. The Muse has threading issues? lol I have had my muse for about 7 months now and touch wood have had no problems with it, And I totally agree with what you said.
    This reminds me of something though, a few years ago my mother had bought a pair of gucci shoes and after wearing them once they fell apart! When she took them back to complain she said I pay more money for better quality etc. and the SA said just because you buy gucci you shouldnt expect the quality to be that much better! Can you believe that?
    Sorry slightly off topic, but it just came to mind and I thought id share :smile: