A few suggestions......

  1. Hi every LV's lover, I'm a new member here, and fall in love reading every thread i can in this forum. As I said I'm new to here, I find its a little bit hard to find what I want to read in here, since we got lots of LV experts here, why don't we make some thread(make them stricky post too) which is useful for new member to find their way?

    1. How to auth LV and fake LV
    I saw some lovers know LV bag very much that they can just tell by looking at the MC speedy, and said its fake. For me, a babies of my lil LV collection, I only know i have to check the date code and the leather and the handcarft, not much more, I think it would be nice if someone can really teach me how to auth LV, will be very useful. i know there are some article in ebay, but just think will be nice if we can find them here too, cause this is a LV forum

    2. How to clean your LV
    I know there are lots of products for cleaning LV bag, but which one is good or which one we shouldn't put our hand on? I wouldn't have a clue, but i'm sure lots of lovers in this forum know how to, please share your experience.

    Thats all i can think of at the moment.:P
  2. good suggestions but we have too mnay stickys in this forum already!
  3. welcome, the easiest thing to do is search the threads, I am sure you'll find lots of info
  4. Agreed!
    A search on your topics will result in a wealth of information!

  5. there is the search key that is definently very helpful! As far as authenticating, there is a sticky at the top!! It shouldnt be too hard but if you have questions you can always ask one of us! :smile: Welcome!
  6. yay, i know there is a search function, and yes i did search for what i want

    but just a suggestion that we can make all the things ppl would like to know more foruce on one thread that is easy for everyone to find

    just a suggestion...:crybaby:
  7. not a problem to suggest it.. but there are a lot of threads and stickies for everything out there already. search is your best friend and your best bet.. :smile:
  8. You can subscribe to a thread, that way you will always find it:flowers: