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  1. twins on the mini, lol. Keep the eggplant and gift the siggy wristlet! Sooo pretty!
  2. I also like the siggy in plum i think it is cute!
  3. i would keep the eggplant leather.

    give the siggy as the gift. who is it for?
  4. Well, I kept the Eggplant. I love leather so it was the best decision for me. I just loved the gunmetal HW on the siggy one, but it did not match anything I have.
    I will gift the siggy one to my niece for her birthday. It is probably more her style anyways.
    Thanks for the help deciding. I was very tempted to keep both:graucho:
  5. Good choice! I've got the eggplant and LOVE it. I'm such a hoarder when it comes to wristlets, I don't think I could have made a decision and would have ended up keeping both. lol!