A few small things to reveal

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  1. I picked these up at the Dillard's sale and have just got around to taking pics. I got them for a steal!
    The mini was only $21.00 and the Brooke wristlets were like $32.00:yahoo:

    Now I like both of the Brooke wristlets, but I actually bought one for a gift. I NEED to actually give it so I cannot keep both:P.
    So which one should I keep?
    The siggy is Plum with the gunmetal hardware
    The leather one is EggPlant with gold Hardware
    Neither matches my Quartz Brooke, but they were sold out of the Quartz. And I am one of those crazies that really does not care if my HW matches:upsidedown:.

    And the one I gift does not matter either. So which one should I keep?
  2. I would keep the Eggplant! I love purple and leather! Boy, you do have a hard choice!
  3. I love the mini! Love that color.
    I would probably keep the eggplant too, but it really depends on what other pieces you have in your collection and what you'll be happiest with.
  4. I just got that mini today too at Macy's for $21! It was a great find! Personally, I would probably keep the eggplant one. They are both really pretty though!
  5. Purple purple purple! hahaha
  6. Definitely keep the Eggplant! Enjoy your goodies!
  7. Eggplant:P
  8. Yeap, the Eggplant is a keeper, congrats!
  9. Cute Plum Mini Skinny!!!
    The wristlets are very nice too!!! Congrats!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  10. I pick the eggplant...I love the color! Nice scores, BTW...that's a great price for such a good sized wristlet! I love the links on the front! Too cute!
  11. Keep the eggplant. I love it!
  12. I vote siggy in plum it's so pretty.
  13. Eggplant. I had the choice of either of these two wristlets a couple of weeks ago; I chose the eggplant.

    They are both really lovely, but I think the solid color leather is more versatile.
  14. congrats!!
  15. i would gift the siggy one

    great finds and good luck in deciding