A few ?'s for Stam Owners

  1. Hi there...I've been wanting to purchase a MJ Stam for awhile and decided I just can't wait any longer! I had a few questions and would be grateful for any info.

    I've been reading about the suede lining...does the 2006 fall have a different one? I've been looking at Bergdorf website to purchase, and it doesn't specify what material it has inside.

    I was also wondering about the hardware. From what I've seen the Stam only comes in gold hardware. I would wait for/love a black on silver, does anyone have any info on that?

    Lastly is the bag super heavy? I have a Paddington and to me that's pretty heavy. Oh, and is the handles big enough to carry on the shoulder? I think I would personally take off the chains, so I wanted to ask.

    Thanks SO much in advance! :flowers:
  2. ^ Recent Stams (and all quilted styles) have cream canvas lining. Stams never came in silver hardware. I'm told by MJ stores that Spring 2007 (currently Resort 06) Stams' lining and hardware will remain the same.

    Stam is almost as heavy as Paddington Satchel. Without the chain, it is lighter. I can wear it on my shoulder.
  3. I knew you'd come to my rescue Bag.lover! Thanks bunches!
  4. ^ you are welcome. =) What color are you thinking of?
    Resort 06 Stams (Black, White Chiffon, Topaz, Almond, Saddle Brown) will be in stores soon.
  5. is white chiffon just white?

    USCgerl, the stam is gorgeous with the gold hardware! i love it more everytime i use it, u can use it without the chain and its also nice to use the chain on ur shoulder as well!
  6. just a clarification:
    a/w 05 and spring resort 06 had red suede lining and beige suede lining respectively, all the ones after that have beige canvas lining and are significantly lighter than the ones with suede lining!
  7. I think the blush and almond is TDF, but since I don't have a black bag...the black stam. I think I'll end up ordering from BG next week maybe. I just don't want a returned stam that was used. Had that happen from NM a few times!
  8. USCgerl, I think blush is very pretty color for a stam but I think blush only comes in patent leather. Do you want a soft calf quilted or quilted patent?

    I have mine in putty and I love it!!:love:

    If you're gonna wait until Resort'06 comes out, I think Almond will be a pretty color for stam.

    The chain does make the bag heavier. I can put my stam on my shoulder. If you're used to using Paddington, I think you can make it with Stam ;). Just be smart on what you put in your bag.

    Let us know what color are you interested in. I'm sure all of us can help finding the right stam for you!

  9. yup, the stam is lighter than the paddy, and the newer stams are even lighter because of a lack of suede lining. i might wait if i was you though, until the new colors come out, so you have a full spectrum to choose from and then you dont have to worry too much about returns.
  10. Yay!!! I ordered the Stam in Balck from Saks this afternoon with the f&f discount. Hopefully they'll be able to find one and I can post pics soon! Thanks for answering my ?'s everyone!