A few quick reveals!

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  1. #1 Sep 14, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2010
    I haven't done any reveals in a while, so I thought I'd share my new (and new-ish) goodies!

    2007 Violet RH City

    2007 Violet RH City 1.JPG

    2007 Violet RH City 2.JPG

    2007 Violet RH City 3.JPG

    2009 Mandarin SGH Day

    2009 Mandarin SGH Day.JPG

    2008 Electric Blue SGH Flat Clutch

    2008 Electric Blue SGH Flat Clutch.JPG
  2. 2010 Black RH Cuff

    2010 Black RH Cuff.JPG

    2010 Murier SGH Triple Tour

    2010 Murier SGH Triple Tour.JPG

    2010 Seigle RH Cuff

    2010 Seigle RH Cuff.JPG

    2010 Tomate RH Triple Tour

    2010 Tomate RH Triple Tour.JPG
  3. Got this one a few days ago... fell in love! My kitties love it also! :smile:

    2010 Anthractie SGH Work

    2010 Anthracite SGH Work 2.JPG

    2010 Anthracite SGH Work 3.JPG

    2010 Anthracite SGH Work 4.JPG

    2010 Anthractie SGH Work 5.JPG

    2010 Anthracite SGH Work 1.JPG
  4. And finally... my newest favorite... 2010 Black RGGH Work! The leather on this one is amazing!

    2010 Black RGGH Work 1.JPG

    2010 Black RGGH Work 2.JPG

    2010 Black RGGH Work 3.JPG

    2010 Black RGGH Work 4.JPG

    2010 Black RGGH Work 5.JPG
  5. wow! the 2007 violet is TDF!
  6. Sorry for the bad photos... and not knowing how to make them larger! :smile:
  7. A few? This thread is full of Bal goodies! :nuts: They're all beautiful. Your Violet and Black RGGH have incredible leather. And your Murier TT is soooo pretty. :drool: DROOL.

    I enlarged them for ya.. Just the main pics though. ;)


  8. [​IMG]







  9. OMG, that violet! So beautiful! Everything else - also yummy.
  10. Lovin' the mandarin Day, and the leather on the Work looks good enough to eat! congrats!
  11. Wow wow wow wow! Beautiful reveals! Love the violet the most
  12. The violet is absolutely gorgeous!!!!
  13. Amazingggggggg =)
  14. Nice, nice, nice ... the kitty too!! ;)
  15. Congrats! :woohoo: