a few questions

  1. hey!

    so today i went to Saks to try on some cls. they were so limited in what i wanted! anyway i tried on the simples in camel (called beige, right? or is camel different?) in both a 40 and 40.5. the 40.5 was way comfier in the toe but gaped a bit in the heel. the 40 was snug in the toe but felt like it fit better overall. i almost bought the 40.5 but they had all kinds of marks on them and though the nice SA said they could have the shoemaker touch them up tomorrow who wants to buy 600 dollar shoes that have to be fixed before you bought them?

    anyway, the first question is: should i get the 40 or 40.5? will the 40 stretch and ultimately fit better? or just go for the bigger one and put a ped in or something?

    also- has anyone seen the taupe/ light grey simples anywhere? they had them there weeks ago and now they're gone and they said they can't try and find them for me. i didn't see them at bg either. i would prefer to get them from Saks or nm. thanks!
  2. I would suggest getting the 40's because the simples stretch out and kind of mold to your foot, I got the simples in black and thought they were soooo tight i could barely get my foot in, but after a few time of wearing around the house and then thick socks I was able to stretch them out beautifully and they are my fav shoes. Once aain I suggest the 40's Good Luck!
  3. My camel Simples say "Camel" on the box. I'm almost positive of that.

    I would go with the 40.5. I sized up to a 41 in both pairs of Simples, and they both have a slight gap in the back - more noticeable with the camel than the python. I put heel grips in the camel pair, and they're just right now. Ultimately, you want them to be comfortable for all day wear. I can wear these all day without any pain, not to mention they're fabulous, classic shoes :nuts:

    I haven't seen the taupe Simples anywhere. If I do, you'll know ASAP.
  4. thanks ladies- though you gave me conflicting opinions! lol. now i'm more confused! lol
  5. I would go with the 40's since you said the fit was better overall. The will stretch so the toe should vget comfier with wear.
  6. If you guys are having trouble figuring it out, imagine how I feel. I wish I could offer an opinion, but as you already know, I am clueless! Good luck!
  7. lmao. i was thinking of you as i was trying them on. i also tried on yoyos that were sort of like the ones you were looking at. i'm DEFINATELY a 40 in those. there's something about these i just can't tell. i mean, i can make either work really....
  8. I just can't deal with toe snugness, that's all :p That's why I size up.
  9. yeah me either. which is why i was going to go with the 40.5. i'm not a fan of the smooshed look or feel. lol
  10. Hey, I got the Beige and they're definitely different than Camel. On my box it says BEIGE.

    I can't handle toe snugness either and I have wide feet and pudgy toes to begin with, so I sized 1/2 up on the Simples (I have Black and Beige, both are 85mm). I have heel grips on them and they're not slipping. Of course, I've only worn the Black 1x and the Beige 2x, so I can't tell you how they'll mold to my feet. I figure, if they become loose in toe box area, I'll add gel insoles.
  11. I got my true CL fr my simples so i suggest a 40. Initially my shoes were snug, but honestly after a couple wears they are absolutely perfect. And I now wear them all the time. I really think if you did the sock trick you would be fine with the simples in a 40... but personally I cant stand when shoes slip off my feet, so maybe its just me?