A few questions on the Spy!

  1. - I'd like to know how the quality is (since I've read here that it isn't great, but nothing detailed). Will I be able to use it for years and years? Is the leather thick?

    - Can it be carried in the rain without getting stains (i.e. the chocolate or cognac one)?

    - and finally is it practical? I heard it does not come with many inside pockets. Am I right that it can be closed only by throwing the flap over?
  2. I like the quality of my chocolate Spy. I know some have issues with the little spy tube compartment coming open but other than that, I don't know of any other quality issues with them. The leather is very thick and soft and I really do hope to be using it for many years to come!

    As regards carrying it in the rain, I don't know if it would stain or not. I've never allowed any water to touch my bag. I keep it covered if it's raining. And to me, the bag is practical. Since there are no pockets inside, I keep my cell phone in the flap pocket and everything else (wallet, agenda, keys and makeup bag inside. And yes, it can only be closed by throwing the flap over. Hope this helps!
  3. thanks! The problem is that with every bag I purchase I think that I will be using this one a little more carelessly. I'm always too afraid of stains or that it will be stolen etc. :biggrin: And this one would be very expensive...I hope I would dare to use it like every day!
  4. I use mine all the time! I have two small kids...under the age of 4. They've touched it with their filthy hands, slobbered on it, etc. I got it wet in the rain and nothing happened to it at all. It is the bag that I choose to use when I DON'T want to "baby" a bag. Not that I throw it all over the place...I do take care of my bags. BTW, I have the chocolate brown spy.
  5. that is good to hear! chocolate would be my dream purchase :sad:
  6. I hear the Hologram is the one you have to be extra careful with...
  7. Hey speaking of questions has anyone who has the honey or silver/gold spy ever got their bag wet?

    Was it okay?

    They are both lighter colors so I'm curious.

    I've heard that the dk. browns ones do fine in the rain. I wonder about the lighter ones.
  8. Got my Metallic spy caught in the rain yesterday and its just fine! No marks or stains - thank goodness!!! :smile:
  9. I was in NYC and thereabouts last week, and got my cognac all rained on. It is totally fine. No marks, nothing.
    The leather IS very thick and so soft. (My mom calls it my "beef roast", but she loves to feel it and say "Oooooh, nice! I bet this one cost $2000!" lol)
    But, i digress.... It is worth EVERY penny to me, and it is more of a "throw around" bag for me. (i treat it good, but i don't have to baby it at all...)

  10. The leather is to die for.

    I have a honey one and I have not gotten it wet yet. When it rains i use a different purse ;)

    I throw everything in the top secret pocket and throw the big things in the bag. It seems like it would be inconvenient to have an inside pocket... the way it's shaped, it would be hard to get into.
  11. the leather is so thick, but so light & airy at the same time...it's great!

    mine is still brand new so I'm still a bit cautious with the rain and whatnot. still waiting for my applegarde to arrive