A few questions from a tokidoki newbie...

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  1. A while back I had seen some Adios Star items on Macys.com and thought they were cute. Didn't really consider getting one, but I saw one in person for the 1st time this weekend... tried it on and really liked it, but didn't get it. Well, I couldn't stop thinking about it and today on my lunch break, I went back to the store to get it.

    I've been browsing this forum and I'm really falling for some of these patterns.

    Can I ask a couple questions...

    Were all the patterns made in all the bag styles? I pretty much think the Stellina is the bag style for me. Was this bag made for all the patterns that were released? I think I'm gonna order it in Pirata and L'amore. But I'm also liking Foresta and Citta Rosa... and have pretty much figured out those are only available on eBay now.

    Do you guys mix Sanrio stuff with Tokidoki or is that a big faux-pas?
  2. You can totally mix Sanrio stuffs with Tokidoki. Even Sanrio and Tokidoki think it's a good idea, that's why they are doing the Hello Kitty x Tokidoki collaboration starting the end of this year.
  3. Not only is mixing tokidoki and hello kitty okay, there is going to be an official collaboration between the two later this year!!
  4. Oh, that sounds cute!

    I bought my Adios Star bag this afternoon, and then after work I needed to go to Target and I saw a Badtz Maru wrislet... with stars on it... I grabbed it!
  5. Hello Kitty + Tokidoki = me going broke :biggrin: ... wait why am I smiling?

    hmm the stuff they make better be somewhat cheaper price-wise than lesportsac. My wallet hurts ...
  6. I have been collecting the Kerokerokeroppi items from Sanrio since I was 11! I love it! I haven't kept up with the collecting for a little while now, but I was crazy about it thorughout high school and college as well!
  7. GoldenAnkh - when i was a kid my fave character was My Melody. Ohhh if they put her with some toki characters .. I'd buy it!! lol

    Oh then again .. i loved Tuxedo Sam too. Hmm they should take Tuxedo Sam and put him onto the vacanze print!!! :love:
  8. the stellina was make in all the prints, I believe. but I would check out some of the other styles too... I think some prints look better on some styles than others.

    and sanrio and tokidoki is a great combo!!!
  9. Congrats on your adios star bag!! :yahoo: Welcome to the toki addiction!!

    I'm newly addicted to tarina tarantino hello kitty jewelry which is pretty expensive and ruling my world right now :rolleyes:
  10. Badtz-maru is my former addiction. I have a bunch of things with other characters, like Pochacco&Pekkle&Keroppi&hk too though. tokidoki+sanrio=best ever.
  11. Besides Hello kitty & Keroppi & the rest, I loved Picke Bicke! - he was that cute lil mousey with the big ears who was slightly short lived. I had a pen with him as the topper all through 7th & 8th grade (I mustve bought like, 5 of those pens!)

    Gosh! I can't WAIT for the HK/Toki collab - can you imagine Sandy hand in hand with Pochacco? Or Badtz Maru & Adios causing trouble!? hehehe
  12. i thought it was just HK only not the other sanrio characters???