A few questions for Graffiti owners

  1. At first I thought the graffiti was awful, but since coming across the Alma PM I seem to have done a 180 degree turn and am thinking "too cute" (not looking good for the credit card). :lol: A few questions:

    1. Are the handles of the peach Graffiti the natural vachetta leather, or are they dyed to match the print? Just looking at photos, it looks like colored leather, and I've searched old threads but can't find anything about the handles. If they are dyed, it would certainly influence my decision to get one.

    2. Does an Alma PM take a wallet the size of a PTI and leave room for anything else besides?

    3. Has the Alma PM ever been done in any other material/print?

    And 4, here's a peach Alma PM on eBay -


    If you go down to the group of photos, the first two are almost a light terracotta color, the third (bottom of the bag) is more a light tan, and the close up of the bottom of the bag is definitely a peach color. Just wondering which color is more accurate IRL. TIA for any/all advice!
  2. Lol don't feel bad. A few years ago I saw a picture in one of my magazines of Beverly Mitchell (from 7th Heaven) with her silver one and I hated it. Then I saw the peach one on eBay last year and fell in love! So now it's one of my favorites haha.
    Anyway to answer your questions:
    1- They're dyed to match the print.
    2- I think it's pretty tiny but I *think* it may fit the PTI and some other small items. I can't be sure though since I've never really seen a good reference pic of it.
    3- The only other one that came in the PM was the Mini Monogram I believe.
    4- As for the coloring, it looks more like that in the second picture (it's more of a flesh color), the lighting screwed up the way the color appears in the pictures.

    Here's the link again by the way since the one posted didn't work:

    Here's another one with more pics for reference:
  3. Thanks Rebecca, sorry about the link (no idea what went wrong there)!

    It looks to me like it would be a great little summer bag. There's also one listed in black and white, and I can hardly decide which I'd prefer; think I'd give them both a lot of use. Flesh sounds like a very useful colour for me ... not that pinky-peach in the 4th photo, but yes, more a neutral color would be really handy.

    The long Alma you posted has managed to turn out quite an orange shade - it's impossible to tell just from pics without asking - but from what you've said, it sounds like I may be on the trail of my next bag here ... hee! hee! Thankyou!
  4. I owned this bag in the black and white. I sold it because it was too small for me. It doesn't fit much, but I carry everything!!!!!
  5. No problem haha, just an extra http in there.
    And you're welcome lol!
    It's definitely not as orange as the Pochette, that's what I have and it's more of an orange than the Alma. I think it would have been too harsh against the white if it was that bright.
    Here's my pochette by the way:
  6. Gah, Rebecca I do love your pochette!
  7. Rebecca I love your pochette! This is a great bag! I own this pochette and the keepall and I love them so much! :smile:
  8. Aw thanks Sophia and flyingkid!
    I hope I can eventually get the silver one too, they're so cute. :love:
  9. Rebecca I blame you for having me undecided between silver and peach! :p
  10. Haha, between that and tempting people with cupcakes lol.
    I'd still get the peach first, then get the silver. :yes:

  11. Thanks for posting that, Rebecca - it sent me off searching old threads for more pics and I've since learned the mono graffiti came in peach, khaki and silver ... I hadn't seen pics of the hatbox before, hadn't even seen the khaki at all. This forum's resources are just amazing, and it's a privilege to have walking reference libraries such as yourself to turn to for info. Thank you!

    The really amazing (to me) part is the way exposure to LV is changing my taste - a few months ago I thought the whole graffiti line was a bad joke, now I think it's a very good one. I love your pochette (it would have to be the best colour for the pochette) and I don't think I could even choose between the peach or black/white Almas. The hatbox I would take in any color I could get it in!! :heart::love::girlsigh:
  12. I don't know whether to be sorry or glad you've changed the pink one, it looked like sheer bliss! :lol:
  13. I have the Graffiti Alma PM in black/white. It's very small, a PTI would definitely be too long - french purse style wallet would work, though.
  14. Lol!
    And you're welcome! :tup:
  15. Rebecca quick question: Where do you use your pochette - I mean where do you take it and what outfit works best with it you think? It's more casual is what I'm thinking...