A few questions about the Riki bag....

  1. Am interested in this bag, but have a few questions...

    1. Does anyone know what the strap drop is? It looks longer from pictures than the Ramona strap drop. Want to be able to fit it on my shoulder comfortably.

    2. Besides the Jimmy Choo brick and mortar shops/department stores, where can you purchase this bag? Has anyone purchased it from Jimmychoo.com, and if so, how fast is shipping-how good is customer service?

    3. On paper, there does not seem to be a significant difference in size between the Riki and the Ramona, but after reading some of your posts, it seems that the Ramona is significantly larger than the Riki. Does anyone have pictures of the size differences?

    Appreciate any help you can give!
  2. I don't know about the size difference..havn't seen them together. You may be able to see that in the show us your bags thread. I have ordered from JChoo.com...customer service can be iffy. I recently got a pair of shoes...no problem pretty fast shipping. Prior to that I ordered a handbag and it came scratched. I sent it back and they sent another...but it was a hassle. Just don't try to order anything with any kind of snake trim...ask Robynbenz and Stinkerbell about that!!! Or view the threads about customs...
  3. Thank you!!
  4. Equalizer, I will take some photos of the 2 side by side and post the photos for you. I would try to avoid going through JC.Com at all costs. If you know which bag you want, either order from a JC boutique or go through SFA, NM or B&G. There are some Nordies who carry the JC line and you can always PM me for a good SA to work for you at Nordies.
    Give me 10 minutes and I will upload photos for you!
  5. Here are some photos of the Riki & Ramona side by side as well as on top of each other and bottoms up. I also showed a photo of the Mahala and the Riki bottoms side by side to show you the difference.

    The drop on the Riki is about 8. The strap measures 18 inches around.

    The straps on the Ramona & Mahala measures 20 inches around and I would say it has about a 10 inch drop.

    Hope this helps:tup:
    rikiramona1.JPG rikiramona2.JPG rikiramona3.JPG rikiramona4.JPG rikimahalabottom.JPG
  6. Hi Robynbenz!

    Thank you so much for going out of your way. I appreciate it greatly! From the views you are showing me, it definitely seems like the Riki bag would be fine for me. I don't carry much, (I know that's unheard of!), and generally go for the smaller bag if there is a little sister, i.e. Gustto Big & Small bacas......

    Again, thank you for your kindness. Really like the Jimmy Choos. Deciding on whether to go with the Riki or the Ring bag......
  7. What a handsome couple!

    But I don't even what to know what they are doing in this pic!! LOL
  8. Oh, I love the small baca, I have one in cream...my fav summer bag!
  9. The best way to explain it is that the Riki is definitely a handbag, and the Ramona is a tote. Although the style is the same, they are definitely different in size. Let me see if I can pull up my pics...
    Nope my work computer won't let me do it. I have threads on both the Riki and Ramona in the same color/style.