A few Questions about the Papillion

I am thinking after the holidays of buying a Papillion but I can not decide on the 26 or the 30. I have the Speedy 25 and I am wondering if it is about the same size. Can you wear the 26 on your shoulder or only the 30?? What do you like and dislike about the Papillion?? Thanks! I am new at this and this is my first post! :P
Hi there!

The papillon 26 is not a shoulder bag. I had one in damier (my first LV!), and it was definitely a handheld bag. The 30 would be a better choice if you're looking for something to go over your shoulder. I ended up selling my damier 26 because it eventually got too small for me, as I started carrying more because I was purchasing larger bags.

I personally think the papillon is a great bag! Its shape is unique, but it is a classic LV bag. If you can get the 30, go for it. More space is better than less :P
I have the Damier papillon 30...I bought that size because of the fact it can be worn on the shoulder.
The pap is very versatile....you can carry is handheld, on your arm, or over your shoulder. Once girl here even wore it backpack-style.
Hi! I have the pap 30. I think it's a cute bag, and holds a lot for what it is. I can also carry this on my shoulder (I'm 5'4", btw). One of the things that people don't like about the bag is that some people find the straps to be too short. I didn't find this a problem, though...

The best thing about the pap 30 is that it comes with the baby pap that you can use as a clutch!
I have the Damier pap 30 and love it soooo much!!!
the negatives that some find about the pap doesn't bother me...;)
like the rolling, does not hold its shape, hard to get into,
not very comfortable to others as a shoulder bag... etc...

like I said... still my favorite!:P
I love how it looks!:love:
I can wear it dress down and dress up,
holds alot!
can be hand held, arm held and as a shoulder bag,
for me it's just perfect!