A few questions about the little stam

  1. Hi ladies! I am new to the MJ forum, I am mostly in Chanel. But I am loving the little stam especially the ones with the python trim! Before I buy, I have a few questions about this bag...

    (1) With the lighter colours, someone told me that dark coloured clothing such as jeans can rub off onto the bag and discolour it? I am not generally that careful with bags and I love wearing jeans - so any advice??

    (2) How do I clean it?

    (3) How much does the little stam w/ python trimming retail for?

    ... Generally any advice would be appreciated!

    I am decided between 2 colours - right now I am loving the turquoise trim because turquoise is my favourite colour, but I realise it doesn't go with everything as say the other plain one.... let me know what you think

    Thanks sooo much!!
    turquoise.JPG white.JPG
  2. Hurry and get the turquoise trim now because some Saks still have it on sale for about $400. Try the NYC Saks first, or have a SA locate it for you.

    Not sure how you can clean or maintain python...
  3. I live in australia and we don't have much marc jacobs here, went into the store today and they didn't have that bag in stock, so i have to buy on eBay :sad:
    Do you know what the RRP for this bag is?
    Thanks so much for responding thithi :smile:

  4. is this ivory stam on sale too??
  5. i just bought the turq/taupe python stam for 450 with tax inc... saks nyc... they had 3 more, but that was about a week ago... they had a TON (at least 2 dozen) of the navy/ red python little stams... which i'm guessing will be marked down again come july 12th, and i might have to grab one of them then...:graucho:

    it's coated and therefore very easy to clean... i've had absolutely no problem w/ color transfer, and it's just the most adorable thing... i :heart: it!

  6. you can pre-sold at neimans for $3xx, i have returned mine to Chicago neimans because the coating really bothers me.....i also saw one at Oakbrook NM for pre-sold. good luck!