A few questions about Outlet purchase adjustments

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  1. 1) Do you need to bring the bags with you, or just the receipt to get a purchase adjustment at the outlet?

    2) Will they return the money to your credit card or just give you a store credit?

    3) If it's a store credit, does it expire in a certain amount of time?

    4) Can an Outlet store credit be used at a FP boutique or JAX, or only at the Outlet?

  2. 1. Depend on the store.. Just to be safe bring the bag and the receipt with you as long as it's within 14 days of purchase..
    2. They will return the money on to the credit card that you pay with orginally
    3. The no exp. on the merchandise card
    4. yes it can be use at the boutique..
  3. And don't let them tell you that the tags must be on the bag (def. have the bag with you, though). Corporate has told me that the tags DO NOT need to still be attached.