A few question for Mulberry Elgin Owners

  1. I really love this bag and I'd like to know what it was that made you buy it? Styling, colour, quality, function, latest bag at the time, nothing else similar to it on the market etc?

    Do you use yours everyday? Do you find it too big, just right?

    Any cons to this one? Is it comfortable to carry even when loaded up? Can you carry it easily by hand or is it best as a arm or shoulder carrying bag? Is it hard to dig around for your stuff because of its size?

    Is there another bag you could compare it to? If you have other label bags, how does this rank? Do you think it has been worth the money in your case?

    And one more - phew!! What colour did you buy and why?
  2. I have an Elgin and I bought it because I'm obsessed with Mulberry :love: and I like biiiiiiiiiiig bags.

    I don't use mine everyday but I should.

    I find it best as a shoulder carrying bag and it feels comfortable on the shoulder.

    I do have to dig about to find my stuff but that's because I carry a LOT of junk around with me.

    I don't have another label bag I could compare it to. I find it a sturdy bag that looks better with use. I sprayed it with Collonil and it has withstood heavy rain without a mark.

    I bought it in olive, which I find a versatile colour. It doesn't show up marks as much as oak!

    Any more questions, just ask!
  3. I have an oak Elgin and I never use it. I think that Mulberry have produced many more attractive and usable bags than this one.
  4. I have an oak Elgin and use it for work. It fits my laptop, papers and odds and ends. Still nervous about using it on a regular basis.
  5. Why are you nervous? It will mark badly if you haven't sprayed it properly at the start and intervals afterwards. However it is very tough and is meant to age and last. That is the best thing about Mulberry - they improve with use!
  6. I see the Elgin on other women and it looks great. When I pick it up and hold it in the store, it feels clunky. I think it looks like a great workhorse bag -- but is not exactly "pretty" if you know what I mean. I would get one on a deep sale...but not otherwise.
  7. I bough mine because I love Mulberry and needed a large shoulder bag for work. I LOVE it. I've used it for work for about a year now. It fits a lot and if it's full then, yes, I need to dig through it. But I think the small zippered pocket is great for keeping your keys and other small things, so you always find them easily.
    I carry mine on the shoulder and find it quite comfortable even when full.
  8. I have to admit that I use my Banana Republic tote more than my Elgin. The BR bag is just more practical and convenient.

    Take a look at the pictures - the front pockets of my BR is just so practical for all my junk - cellphone, blackberry, iPod, lotion...
    Mulberry Elgin.JPG BananaRepublic_closed.JPG BananaRepublic_open.JPG