A Few Possibly Stupid Questions.......

  1. OK bear with me if these are common knowlege:

    1. Do box Kellys come in retourne or are they strictly sellier?

    2. Does gold leather only come with white stitiching or can you get tonal?

    3. Can Kellys get batwings? It would seem possible to me (if you closed it with the straps undone and loose filling out the gusseted sides as on the Birkin) but not having seen even one like that makes me doubt it's feasibility.

    Thanks all!
  2. 1.) both is possible
    2.) you can special order any leather any color with any topstich but gold /white thread is what is normally used it is their standard combo
    3.) i only once have seen a togo retournee kelly with batwings but not to the extremes as with some birkins