A Few Pics of Chloe Beata....

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  1. Unfortunately, this is as good as I can get it until I get my hands on a legitimate digital camera, not a cell phone!!!

    The picture of this bag on the NAP site is definitely more indicative of the color. The color looks kind of dull with the cell phone camera. I tried to show the leather flap, but it was very hard to capture. Trust me, it's beautiful!:tup:
    !cid__11-13-07_1315.jpg ATT00084.jpg
  2. WOW Equalizer, what a beauty. Chloe patent is wonderful.
  3. Oh wow, she is a beauty! congrats...
  4. Awesome! Congratulations! Modeling pics next!!
  5. Whoof!
  6. Thank you guys. Love it so much that I ordered it in Black from Bloomies!!!!
  7. You go girl :boxing:
  8. OH I trust you alright! That is so beautiful... I'm going to open the chloe saving account again!
  9. Pretty bag! Congrats!
  10. She Super Hot!! I love her!
  11. Congrats! She's a beauty. I like that style and have not seen much of her around.
  12. I just saw the purseblog doesn't see her favourably... but I think she's very distinctive and beautiful.