A few pics from my SA!!!

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  1. My shoe SA at NM sent me a few pics of some of the new Chanel shoes coming in for Spring! Thought you all might enjoy them too!

    Lattice bootie is $1325
    white/black d'orsay is $795
    basic high pumps $695
    low heels $645
    the thongs are $345
    and the wedge is $575

    Please call Karen Owens-Gatson at (248) 643-3300 ext. 2234 with any questions!! She is fabulous to work with!!!

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  2. any new balet flats?
  3. Thanks for the pics. None of them really thrill me, but I think I will cave and get a pair of ballet flats at some point.
  4. I am really loving the wedge. I have the one from last year and loved it, would love another pair. She is expecting to get in more styles, but just wanted to give me a heads up on what new shoes just came in. So, as soon as I get more, I will pass them on to you all!:nuts:
  5. Thanks for sharing jag!
  6. Wow, thanks for sharing!
  7. I am crazy over that lattice bootie.
  8. You're a star! Am loving the black/white pumps. X
  9. Thanks so much! I just love the b&w camelia sandals