A few Pics Coach and more

  1. HI! I've been so busy lately to post. Just wanted to share my xmas presents! LOL I know I'm a little late!

    I got the Madison Lurex Medium Beauty Case and Secret Love 10


    My Latest Charlie Lapson

    My Man just ordered this as my Valentine's gift!!! I love this Bag! and My Man!!!
  2. wow! great stuff, congrats!
  3. Beautiful bags!! I just LOVE the cosmetic case!!
  4. really nice! congrats!
  5. I forgot! It won't let me edit it now,
    The red bag is Francesco Biasia and the one just ordered is a Dooney
  6. cute stuff! :tup:
    i really want a lurex...anything! lol.
  7. WOW! I LOVE that Dooney your SO just ordered you! The FB on is gorgeous too! What a rich color of red! ANd the lurex wristlet is beautiful! I LOVE that Charlie Lapson bag! The color is TDF! Congrats!
  8. Wow, I love that red bag...:drool:
  9. That red bag is :drool::drool::drool:!!!!!
  10. I love the Dooney.. is that the color you ordered?
  11. Yay for super huge pics!!! :p

    I almost got the raspberry Lurex Beauty Case for my friend on her b-day... but passed on it for the wristlet.


  12. Yes, I've been eyeballing the site as it has not been in stock, I finally used Live chat yesterday and she told me they just got some in stock and to check back soon and it will be ready to order and it was:yahoo:! I love that Turquoise Color, I saw it in an ad in Lucky mag, the pic there is better.
  13. LOL, my home computer resized them for some reason, the one at work doesn't, I didn't realize they were THAT big!! :wtf: Luckily I didn't have time to post a Pic of myself in the "Coach Friends" thread. That could have been SCAREY!!!! :smile:
  14. wow! I love them all!
  15. you pick very colorful things!! i likey...i'd love to see how you dress with those bags! congrats on your goodies.