A few of my new Chanel Goodies

  1. Hey all,

    I have been on a chanel shopping spree. I think I need help. I have purchase three bags and two pairs of shoes recently.

    Here are the pictures. Thanks for letting me share with you all.

    *I am not sure if I posted pics of my earrings already, sorry if I have.

    **I am waiting for the Cerf tote to arrive and the rainboots. I will post pics when they arrive.
    :smile: :smile:
    IMG_0074.jpg IMG_0076.jpg IMG_0079-1.jpg
  2. Wow, you did well! Congrats on all of your beautiful new pieces. :heart:
  3. I want those flipflops......lol..BAD!I keep seein them..sniff..what store carries them?

    love all of it!CONGRATS!!!!!!!!
  4. Jill, I saw them at Chanel, Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas the last time I was there.
  5. I love your bags!! the gst is great! Cant wait to see cerf tote pics.
  6. Wow, everything is so nice.
  7. Oh wow! Congrats on your new goodies. =)
  8. Congrats! You made some great purchases. I love the sandals. If you don't mine; how much were they? Don't feel bad I purchased the baby coco cabas and a spy bag in honey within 5 days. Hubby says I am on a purse restriction for about 3 months. :nuts: :nuts: Is he nuts!
  9. Wow!!! Great shopping spree!! Love the tote on the left!!! Post modeling pics when you get a chance?...Congrats on the lute!!!!
  10. Lovely choices!
  11. I saw the baby animals flip flops at Neiman Marcus I think they are $295

    Great picks! Congrats on your purchases!
  12. Nice spree! The sandals are so cute!
  13. What a great shopping spree!! Congrats on all of your new goodies!! :smile:
  14. Very nice. Congrats! :yes:
  15. and the rainboots are 275? How can flip flops cost more than rainboots?! :roflmfao:

    congrats though! gorgeous stuff~