A few of my little BEAUTIES!!

  1. Enjoy....
    IMGFendi.jpg IMGBalgroup.jpg IMGChloe.jpg IMGLV.jpg
  2. really colorful, varied collection.... love ur chloe..
  3. Beautiful bags, I love the variety.
  4. G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S collection!:biggrin:
  5. BEAUTIFUL!!!:love:
  6. Your b-bag collection is too cute, especially the mini !
  7. Thanks, sorry the pics are so small I'll try and enlarge them a bit later....
  8. amazing collection!!! Love them all!!!
  9. very nice collection, you have a great variety!
  10. love your BBags!!!
  11. Beautiful collection ... especially love:love: the Bbags and paddies! Is the whitish Bbag the courier style? I just bought one in emerald, just wondering how you like yours?
  12. My favourite is the white Fendi in the first pic - that bag is very cool. Haven't seen one like it before - what is it called?
  13. :smile: Not sure of the name, but it is such a cute size, perfect for carrying the essentials...I'll see if I can find the paperwork that came with it..

    The White BBag is the courier and it is my fave bag at the moment...it's perfect for travel and also is a great oversize bag to use everyday!!
  14. wonderful collection. I love the collection of b-bags :smile:
    thanks for sharing.
  15. Love the variety - you have one of the best collections I've seen!