A few of my favorites

  1. Starting with Manolo Blahnik:
    Zebra Thyme.jpg Silver Sedaraby Manolos.jpg Red Thyme.jpg Pony Hair Manolos.jpg Cheetah Manolos.jpg
  2. Oops, one more pair of Manolos:
    Manolo Pumps.jpg
  3. Louis Vuitton:
    Black DOrsay.jpg Glitter DOrsay.jpg LV Charms.jpg Pink Marabous.jpg Python Platforms.jpg Tupelo Sandals.jpg White Platform.jpg
  4. Other designers including Dior, Gina, Prada and Louboutin:

    Dior Pumps.jpg Gina Strappy.jpg Gold Prada.jpg Miss Marple.jpg
  5. wow...what gorgeous shoes!!!
  6. gorgeous shoes! love them all!
  7. Those Louboutins are hot! :graucho:
  8. The Louboutins are to die for!!!
  9. Oh my! Those are some gorgeous shoes! Od course I LOVE the pointy Manolos and Diors - the buckles and straps make them so cute and your feet look just divine in them! Perfect toe cleavage and everything.

  10. Smoothoprter, they are to die for :tender:

    I especially love the pink LV shoes. Are they comfortable? They look great on you :love:
  11. Which pink one's? The Glitter D'Orsay or the Pink Marabous slippers?

    Both pair are VERY comfortable and both are no longer available at LV. The Glitter D'Orsay I had to buy on eBay because my sales associate at Beverly Hills effed up.:rant:
  12. Gorgeous, I love all of them. Especially the Manolos.
  13. i adore your manolos. Great collection!
  14. great shoes, they're hot!! thanks for sharing!!
  15. Thank you. I guess the animal prints are my favorites, and definitely Manolo by far.:love: